May 30, 2023

Home network problem, just read this article

Home network problem, just read this article
Optical modem (optical network module)

1. User uses wireless terminal to respond slowly to internet and hang up

Reason: WIFI client wireless model is used in a complex environment, resulting in wireless signal crosstalk and offline failure.


1) Go to internal page of router to change wireless channel, avoiding default channels 1, 6 and 11;

2) You can also use a WIFI analyzer to find a relatively free channel

2. The user reported that 100M broadband speed is not up to standard (test with 360 is only about 50M, and daily online assistant test is only about 50M). Remove router and computer. The dialer is same. The attenuation of light is normal, and account status is normal 100M. )

Reason: if hardware circuit is normal, then problem is in account

Resolution: notify relevant support team indicating that account is normal, and ask user to go to business lounge to solve problem of changing broadband account, and new account will be normal

3. Switches and routers cannot be connected offline

Reason: Since optical cat is placed in a weak electrical well, quality of developer's home line is problematic

Resolution: Disconnect root network cable from optical modem and split line through a switch

4. When a user's fiber is not tagged, user's fiber needs to be quickly found

Decision. You can use FTTH to quickly find fiber method

Connect an optical power meter PON (adjusted to 1490nm) or ONU with user-side optical power detection, let colleagues or users observe change in optical power, and go to optical splitter by yourself to wind user's optical power. fiber in a small circle. Contact by phone to find target fiber whose value changes due to circle without interrupting network of other users

5. The optical user modem's voice interface indicator sometimes flashes and jumps a few times, and cannot be fixed properly. At this time, there is an obstacle on user's fixed line.

Reason: The load on power supply is too high, resulting in insufficient power to optical modem

Decision. Install an outlet with fewer household appliances

Advice from veteran drivers. In process of inspection and repair, one should take into account not only three aspects of optical attenuation, lines and terminals of optical network, but also such trifles as: power supply

6. The registration time has expired and control system is not showingla that light cat is online

Reason: Employees were negligent and did not tighten screws of fiber optic jumper

Decision. Climb up first level box to find fiber optic jumper and tighten it.

7. The line is blocked and light attenuation value is high

Reason: Leather cable is relatively fragile and cannot be compared to other network and wire cables

Decision. Try to run fiber optic cable only through tube, do not run same pipe with other lines, and do not tie or twist fiber optic cable.

8. The LOS indicator turns red

Causes: Optical path blocked, optical cat terminal problem, leather cable problem, connector problem, optical splitter single port problem, main fiber problem, OLT problem

Solution: Use optical power first to check optical loss value. If optical loss is large or there is no light, check cleanliness of connector and connector of junction box, as well as correct jumping of pigtail. , If there is no light, please replace beam splitter and try again. If it is within specified range, try using another terminal's optical modem

9. PON indicator off

Cause: The POS port connected to optical modem of terminal does not match POS port configured in work order, one work order data is lost, there is a problem entering terminal password, and pigtail is connected before changing password.

Resolution: if it is a newly opened community, please reset password first, if not, contact supervisor to see if password data of set work order is normal for POS port

10. The PON indicator can only be activated once

Cause: Terminal optical modem problem, single work order data problem, OLT data failure.

Resolution: Contact your supervisor to check if there are any problems with OLT. If there are no problems, tell supervisor to replace terminal and ask supervisor to change data. If it still doesn't work, report it so salesperson can dismantle machine and record a new work order

11. PON indicator is always on when connecting to broadband internet, resulting in username and password error 691

Reason: Password entry error, username password entry error, password error, port binding problem, user computer problem.

Resolution: Try re-entering your username and password first. If this does not work, check if there are any problems with entering password. After verification, contact generalist to confirm username and password, check dialing information and unbind.

12. PON indicator alwayson when connected to a 678 broadband connection. The remote computer is not responding

Cause: The network cable is not properly connected to LAN port, there is a problem with terminal's optical modem, there is a problem with user's computer, and there is a problem with upstream network.

Resolution: Only LAN1 port of current 4-port terminal can be used. After confirming that this is correct, use built-in laptop to check if connection is normal, which proves that there is a problem with user's computer. If not, please contact supervisor to check if there are any problems with equipment. If there are no problems, please tell supervisor to replace terminal and ask him to change data.

13. If OLT registration rate is below 30%, a message will appear indicating that OLT registration failed

Reason: computer room, blackboard

Solution: restart fiber optic port in computer room, if not, restart board (After restarting board, all users under pon port will be disabled, please use it with care)

14. Light cat registration is less than 50%, indicating that connection platform has timed out

Reason: Problem with optical modem data configuration

Solution: Replace optical modem

15. After 80% of Light Cat registrations, a message appears that ITMS platform registration was successful, but business distribution is not running

Reason: no problem with optical cat

Resolution: go to computer room, optical modem has been bound and disconnected; if not, reset it

16. Speed ​​cannot reach 200M

Reason: network cable, computer video card, router

Decision. Check if network cable is 8-core, if computer's graphics card is a gigabit network card, if router is a gigabit router

17. How to register a light modem when user does not have a computer and arrives empty-handed


1) Use user's wireless router to register, connect mobile phone to user's home wireless router, and new router (login address is a URL that supports network segment access) directly changes external network settings of router. for dynamic acquisition, and router's IP segment is automatically set to a different one. If network segment is, direct access to can open Guangmao web page. The old-style router (ip address) enters router and sets lan gateway to (the same network segment as optical modem), and inserts lan1 network cable of optical modem port into lan port of router. Then directly login to to register and restore la portn1 of router to wan port of router after success.

2) Many 4k telecom set-top boxes are based on Android system. In network settings, enable wireless access point, and then plug set-top box network cable into network port 1 of optical modem. mobile phone is connected to network cable network of access point of set-top box, enter registration address of optical modem to register.

3) Use user's home network TV to register optical modem, plug optical modem's broadband network cable into TV's network port, open TV's browser, and enter optical modem's address to register.

set-top box

1. Normal HD set-top box failure

If load is below 30%, it is a network cable problem, 50% is an optical modem problem, 85% is an access account problem, and 100% of error messages are a business account problem.

2. TV box with Android core 4kbox

There may be problems with network cables, access accounts, and optical modem data below 50%, and problems with a business account after 50%.

3 4K high-definition set-top box

7%, LAN connection is faulty, check if network cable is connected properly and check if "wired connection" is checked in settings.

52%, Internet connection failure, check if connected network can connect to Internet normally.

83%, platform authentication error, check if connected network can access internet normally.

There was a problem with identity verification, check that WIFI password is correct, pay attention to difference between uppercase and lowercase letters

4. Set-top box freezes and blurs screen: live, on-demand and playback all freezes and blurs, with sound but no image

1) Check indicator fading 2) Check account configuration 3) Check general traffic congestion


1. 100M is out of standard

Reason: main fiber and tail fiber, network cable, optical modem, router

Solution: check fiber optic line, measure light attenuation

2, 200M out of specification

Reason: main fiber and tail fiber, network cable, optical modem, router


1) Check fiber optic cable and make sure light attenuation value reaches standard (-26 dB);

2) Is network cable a category 5e cable, is optical modem a gigabit modem,

3) Is router gigabit (Huawei Router A1 WS832, Huawei Glory Pro, ASUS AC66U, Tenda AC9, ZTE E8820)

3. WIFI signal is unstable, network speed is slow, connection is easybreaks

Decision. Restart user's router, but it's still not suitable for offline testing

4. WIFI signal less than -60 dBm

Reason: Router

Decision. Check with a WIFI signal analyzer. If it doesn't reach -60 dBm, replace it with a recommended router.

5. Bad WIFI signal

Reason: Wi-Fi co-channel interference

Solution: Use a WIFI analyzer to determine if there is interference in user channel, connect to a WiFi router, if there is interference, enter gateway IP address in browser, enter basic wireless settings, and change channel in the channel. dropdown

Common mistakes Home network problem, just read this article

1. Optical cat cannot be activated

1) The actual PON port of optical modem does not match one entered in house. (Change room number or change PON port associated with splitter)

2) The authentication code is not being used correctly.

3) Guangmao's original data has not been deleted.

4) Poor optical path quality.

2. Error 691

1) First, check if there is a debt on user's online account;

2) If password is correct, re-enter account password and then test dial-in again;

3) If there is an error in dial-up software on user's computer, re-create dial-up connection;

4) The account number cannot be requested in unlink system.

A quick suggestion: Right-click your broadband connection every time you turn off or don't use your broadband connection and select "Disable" to prevent user account death.

3. Error 676

1) You are using PPPOE remote access protocol supplied with system: you must disable PPPOE pluggable channel or restart computer.

2) The client logs out of network abnormally: it is recommended to turn off light modem for 5 minutes before turning it on again. After system automatically releases user account, you can log in normally.

3) Incorrect physical address of NIC: If problem is still not resolved by above methods, consider cause of physical address of NIC, which is usually caused by physical address. network card theft.

4. Error 678

1) First check if status of optical modem is normal, if PON indicator should be on normally, and "LOS" indicator should be off.

2) Look at status of local connection (if a red cross appears, then optical modem is faulty, network cable is broken, or network card is faulty).

You can reconnect network cable between optical modem and computer, disable and enable local connection, or restart computer to check.

5. Error 769

1) If network card is disabled, enable it again

2) The network card driver is not installed, please install network card driver.

3) There is a network card driver conflict, first uninstall network card driver with an exclamation point, and then reinstall driver

6. Error 720

1) In "Broadband" properties, "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4)" on "Network" tab is not selected.

2) The IP address is specified in Broadband connection attribute.

3) Computer system program failure. Create a new broadband connection or reinstall system.