May 26, 2023

For home security, a security system must be installed.

For home security, a security system must be installed.

The family is our safe haven, and safety of family is our concern. The anti-theft and monitoring system in home security is different from other security systems. How to choose home anti-theft and monitoring equipment?

Step 1. Determine scope of protection depending on situation in room

The most vulnerable places for penetration are houses with balconies and gates, second place is occupied by kitchen and study windows (since study and kitchen are usually empty, especially at night, they are usually free and easy to become entrance of thieves); again, this is master bedroom, children's room and bathroom; So far, we have already known areas that need to be protected, and at same time have also identified primary and secondary areas of protected areas.

For home security, a security system must be installed.

Second step: define protection zone, protection method and equipment for each protection zone

Once you know location and area that is vulnerable to intrusion, you must determine number of defense points according to environment, community security measures, family environment and other factors, as well as your economic situation (of course, this it is best to fortify all defense zones that are easy to penetrate. good). Here we will temporarily take all of above areas as an example to set up various anti-theft devices. You can increase or decrease number of related devices according to your specific situation.

Reachable Function

1. Economy Configuration:

When public security conditions are relatively good or economic conditions are limited, we only strengthen gate, balcony, kitchen, study, etc. In particular, gate, kitchen and study use wireless door magnetic sensors, and living room and bedroom use infrared detection. Equipment used: 2 infrared detectors, 2 door magnetic detectors and 1 host.

When doors and windows of gate, study and kitchen are opened, broken, etc., causing door or window to move more than 1 cm, or human body enters bedroom and living room from balcony in a fortified state, corresponding detector will manage alarm. After host receives alarm, it will turn on shrill siren, and at same time dial alarm to phone set in advance, such as owner's mobile phone and neighbor's phone;

Disadvantages: When using a magnetic door detector on a window, window cannot be opened in summer, bathroom and children's room cannot be armed, there are hidden dangers, 538F detector is not suitable for families with pets;

For home security, a security system must be installed.

2. Basic configuration:

Based on above economic configuration, install infrared sensor in children's room, living room and study, and install door sensor in bathroom window. Thus, we have completed basic home anti-theft system. , and in key areas of defense (gates, offices) dual detection equipment is being installed. The equipment is as follows: 1 host, 4 detectors and 3 door magnets.

The basic configuration can realize function: when opening or breaking doors and windows of gate, study, kitchen and bathroom, moving door or window sashes more than 1 cm, or when a person is in a fortified state from balcony, children's room and intrusion into office , and at same time, due to double reinforcement at gate and cabinet, prevention effect can be effectively guaranteed. Disadvantages: Although all indoor bands are already protected, PIR can only detect and alarm after an intrusion, and perimeter protection of balconies and windows is not very effective;

3. Functional Configuration:

To solve problem that basic configuration cannot provide best protection for balconies and windows, we are installing infrared barriers on balconies and windows and removing some internal infrared sensors. The equipment is as follows: 1 host, 3 infrared anti-theft barriers, 4 pairs of light beams, 1 detector and 1 door sensor.

For home security, a security system must be installed.

Step 3. Accessories and accessories to enhance protection

Based on configuration above, we can choose smart detectors or microwave detectors to replace conventional infrared detectors above; add harmful gas detectors in kitchen; and add lighting control equipment in living room (when someone approaches house). window, alarm At same time, light in living room will turn on automatically); door is equipped with a digital anti-theft lock; glass is equipped with a vibration sensor, etc. preventive ability. It should be noted that for security products, while focusing on new technologies and new products, more attention should be paid to stable, mature, traditional and reliable products.