May 25, 2023

anxiety! Someone has been stolen for millions of dollars, beware of four new AI scams

Currently, some scammers go out of their way to cheat and their tricks and tricks are hard to defend against. There are even scammers playing "technical flow" and using AI to cheat!

Let's take a look at these new scams and what you can do about them.

anxiety! Someone has been stolen for millions of dollars, beware of four new AI scams

WeChat voice

A scammer steals a WeChat account and then requests a transfer. To gain trust, scammer listens to previous voice and then receives money. Although WeChat voice cannot currently be used, scammers can implement voice by extracting voice files or by installing WeChat advanced version (plugin).

Voice synthesis

Scammers extract someone's voice through recording techniques such as stalking phone calls and then synthesize voice after receiving material so they can use fake voices to hide.

AI Face Change

Video calls are clearly more trustworthy than voice and phone calls, but by using AI to change faces, scammers can impersonate anyone.

anxiety! Someone has been stolen for millions of dollars, beware of four new AI scams

Using AI to screen people for fraud

With help of artificial intelligence technology to check deceived people, and by analyzing all kinds of information published by public on Internet, scammers will check people according to deception they want to implement in order to select target group. For example, in emotional fraud, people who often reveal emotional information can be weeded out; in financial fraud, people who often collect investment information can be weeded out.

So, with advent of new methods of fraud, how can ordinary people not be deceived?

1. Verify identity of other party

When it comes to money, increase security awareness and confirm if other party is a real person by phone, video, etc. Inbox to ensure processing time.

Alternatively, you can transfer money to other party's bank instead of transferring money through social tools such as WeChat. At same time, on one hand, it is convenient to check information of other party and confirm location of money, on other hand, other party can receive information about transfer via SMS notification.

anxiety! Someone has been stolen for millions of dollars, beware of four new AI scams

2. Protect personal information and pay attention to privacy protection

In order to prevent fraudsters from using personal information to commit fraud, public should raise their awareness of protection of personal information so that fraudsters cannot use artificial intelligence technology to obtain large amounts of personal information and describe personality and needs of characters in order to carry out targeted fraud.

Protect personal sensitive information such as online account numbers and passwords, mobile phone numbers, IDs, home addresses, and family relationships, and do not provide aforementioned sensitive information at will.

In addition, young people should be well informed and timely prevent presence of older people at home. Remind and warn older people that when they receive calls and text messages, as long as they are strangers or unfamiliar people and things, they should ignore them so as not to be lured and deceived.

3. Refuse temptation

People should avoid psychology of gain and be wary of benefits offered by strangers. To raise self-protection awareness, don't be too gullible about online information and don't take risks. Always remember that there will be no pies in sky, but there will be traps on ground.

Although scam tools are constantly updated, they are not invulnerable. Keep in mind "six uniforms" and "eight normals", and don't be lucky or greedy for cheapness. If you encounter a scam call 110 directly.