May 24, 2023

Eight tips for installing a public broadcasting system, it is important to pay attention to details

The public address system is now a system that is required in all walks of life. With rapid development of market, types of products also change every day. Hotels, shopping malls, parks, scenic spots, etc. with so many public broadcasting system equipment. What problems should I pay attention to during installation?

1. Hardware installation sequence

Hands-free system equipment is usually installed in a cabinet. If it is a relatively simple system cabinet, you can choose a smaller cabinet, such as a 1.0m cabinet. As frequently used and frequently debugged hardware, it should be placed at top for ease of debugging and use. Second, install wireless microphone preamp, power amplifier, etc.

If there are many broadcasting equipment and cabinet is high, such as 2.0m cabinet, commonly used broadcasting equipment should be placed at a distance of 0.8-1.5 meters, and it is not easy to control if it is too high or too short.

2. Hardware connection sequence

The computer is connected to auto broadcast host. The audio cable is usually directly connected to input of preamplifier or first channel of mixer. The output sound of mixer is distributed to each power amplifier. pure post-level power amplifier, it connects to audio input INPUT., power amplifier outputs to addressing terminal, zone control box or splitter, and then to speaker of the terminal.

Eight tips for installing a public broadcasting system, it is important to pay attention to details

3. Wiring Precautions

If there is a lot of wiring, and power line is used as an audio line and a power line at same time, it is best to use wires from two manufacturers so that they can be easily distinguished, and wiring must be done before wiring. If wiring is completed, then it is found that there are no roots. This is tantamount to redoing entire project.

4. Equipment Power

For hands-free system, please try to equip a special power sequencer to supply power to equipment, which can not only ensure unified power management, but also ensure that startup sequence of equipment is consistent. power supply must have a ground wire to protect speakerphone. You can increase service life of system equipment and avoid various accidental injuries caused by static electricity.

5. Purchasing Equipment

Don't just look at look of any product, but also look at other user ratings and market share. Goods made by a good manufacturer have passed many tests and trial runs. A qualified manufacturer and a company with many years of manufacturing experience An enterprise, a product recognized by many divisions, must be a good product.

Eight tips for installing a public broadcasting system, it is important to pay attention to details

6. Wireless microphone

Wireless microphone is best to choose U-segment wireless microphone, which has long transmission distance and stable signal. According to number of microphones host can carry, it can be divided into one for one wireless microphone, one for two wireless microphones and one to four wireless microphones, one to eight wireless microphones, etc. For public broadcasting, one to two wireless microphones and one to four wireless microphones can usually be selected.

Based on how you speak, they can be divided into handheld microphones, tabletop microphones, lavalier microphones, and head microphones. If you need to take it with you to talk, you should choose a headset type wireless microphone. The lavalier type wireless microphone has a poor sound pickup effect and is easy to howl.

7. Selecting trunks

Using connecting wires, depending on situation, some connecting wires can be purchased independently. Some connecting wires are connected in form of adapters. After a long time, contact will be weak. I hope that when you do system integration, try to weld them together as tightly as possible. , This saves ten times and a hundred times work of after-sales service.

Eight tips for installing a public broadcasting system, it is important to pay attention to details

8. Installation in cabinet

If a pure post-stage power amplifier is used in public address system, power amplifier is relatively deep, and it must be compared in advance when installed in a 600 * 600 cabinet, or use a ruler to measure front and rear distances of bottom cabinet columns.

As a system issue, public broadcasting must consider above issues when designing system. Based on selection of electro-acoustic equipment with good performance, careful system design, careful system debugging, and good sound design conditions, a pleasant and natural sound effect of electro-acoustics is achieved.