May 24, 2023

These 7 points are very important for stable wireless bridge transmission.

These 7 points are very important for stable wireless bridge transmission.

As current environment becomes more complex, traditional monitoring can no longer meet needs of project site, and more and more engineering companies are choosing to use flexible wireless bridges.

These 7 points are very important for stable wireless bridge transmission.

For engineering companies, stable transmission is most important result. So, what conditions are necessary for a wireless bridge to ensure stable transmission?

1. Determine transmission distance

Transmission range is a key point that cannot be ignored in a wireless monitoring system. This is due not only to how site is planned and organized, but also to what equipment contractor chooses to support project's transfer system. .

In this regard, it is recommended that engineering company can comprehensively consider project cost estimate, equipment performance, and on-site transmission distance.

2. Solve a power problem

This is main consideration when implementing wireless monitoring projects in Alpine mountains. Due to nature of environment compared to conventional projects, obtaining electricity in alpine areas is a major challenge and also one of headaches for engineering customers.

In such a situation, this problem can be solved with a solar and wind power generation system to meet power supply needs of wireless monitoring system.

3. Transmission scheme planning

When it comes to special projects such as alpine monitoring, there are usually many obstacles. To ensure quality of system, contractor may install relays in some places that block line of sight for signal transmission to ensure that project has a complete network system.

4. Practice well "Three Protections" in highlands

Climate has a big impact on outdoor projects, especially alpine monitoring where climate varies a lot. If appropriate protective measures are ignored, this often causes great damage to system.

Therefore, it is suggested that during project planning period, construction company take "Three Measures of Protection" (lightning protection, wind protection and rain protection) measures in mountainous area, or use an open wireless network bridge that can withstand intrusion of bad weather, which will also provide a high security wireless monitoring system for project.

Overcoming external conditions, internal factors of entire wireless bridge transmission must also be performed well.

5. Better wireless bridge performance

As an important transmission device in a wireless network monitoring system, performance of wireless bridge itself is very important. A bad network bridge device, no matter how much you toss and turn and pay attention, it will inevitably cause problems such as low signal, intermittent signal, crash, etc.

6. Front camera pixels should not be too high

There is a section in middle of wireless monitoring systembridge transmission. Bridge transmission is over air, which is not as good as over wire. If front camera pixels are very high, code flow will be very large. Problems such as delays occur.

7. Internal switch must be suitable

The performance of switch is not up to standard, and processing power is not enough, which will cause monitoring screen to lag or even disappear from time to time. Therefore, in point-to-multipoint bridging, performance of internal switch should be good.

Of course, in addition to above seven points, there are other factors that will also affect transmission stability of wireless bridge. For example, you should find professional technicians to guide and debug installation process. In short, only by taking into account all aspects, whole system can provide best transmission performance.