May 23, 2023

The market size exceeds 50 billion, and cost of smart lamp poles has skyrocketed. What is mystery?

On July 26, 2019, a burglary occurred in Chongqing area. The police found no violations after calling monitoring service. However, police discovered that there was a ground-facing surveillance camera near village. After careful investigation, they discovered that it had been artificially bent. Based on this lead, police successfully blocked and arrested suspect.

This incident exposed current shortcomings of surveillance cameras: Alarm triggers from surveillance cameras are not popular, otherwise criminals will go off as soon as they break camera.

Monitoring seems to be fine, but we have nothing to worry about, With use of smart lampposts, these problems will be solved.

The market size exceeds 50 billion, and cost of smart lamp poles has skyrocketed. What is mystery?
What is a smart lamppost

Smart lamp pole is a new type of intelligent lamp pole that integrates smart energy consumption, information network and cloud management. It is built by intelligently transforming existing street lampposts and associated objects. It has characteristics of "power supply, network and remote control". It is platform and carrier of basic information network of smart cities.

Why are smart lampposts popular?

One stick with multiple functions, powerful

The smart lamp pole already has characteristics of power supply, network and wide distribution, and big data interaction technology to realize smart lighting, smart transportation, wireless city, information transmission, active calling, charging, parking charging and other functions. .

Returning to question mentioned at beginning of article, if you use a smart lamppost, relying on height of lamppost, surveillance camera is difficult to destroy, and it can also actively call police. , which has effect of deterring criminals.

The market size exceeds 50 billion, and cost of smart lamp poles has skyrocketed. What is mystery?

Great operator for urban IoT

Smart lamp poles will be an important information gathering source for Internet of Things in future, and urban smart lamp poles are an important part of smart cities. Smart lampposts collect information about city by integrating sensors and will generate all kinds of big data that smart cities need in future. Data is uploaded to cloud, where big data is generated.

This data can interact with government's internal transportation system, police command and control system, financial management system, and procurement system, providing a variety of data support for smart city big data applications.

As a 5G Outpost

A report released by Wireless and International Networks Association of America (CTIA) notes that city street lights will become an essential infrastructure in 5G era.

In construction of 5G, main auxiliary facilities come to fore, and intelligent lamppost acts as a 5G micro base station. The deployment of 5G base stations via lampposts is expected to accelerate adoption of smart cities, and also form a close relationship with transformation and development of 5G era.

The "Introduction Conclusions" jointly issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and State Council State Asset Supervision and Management Commission emphasizes that: actively promote the two-way sharing of tower resources such as communication towers and street lights, monitoring and traffic instructions, and promote "multi-tower cooperation" "One", "Multiple poles in one".

The market size exceeds 50 billion, and cost of smart lamp poles has skyrocketed. What is mystery?

Improve resource efficiency and protect environment

The "multi-purpose" smart lamp post not only saves energy, but also reduces occupied urban land and promotes efficient use of resources; At same time, some cities also installed weather stations on street smart lampposts. , air quality monitoring, etc. The function is tailored to needs of environmental protection.

At present, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shandong and many other cities are actively exploring and building smart lamp poles. It can be expected that smart lamp poles will become an important starting point for construction of smart cities and the most important infrastructure for collecting information in smart cities.