May 21, 2023

Lose millions! To prevent LED screens from burning, start with three aspects:

Lose millions! To prevent LED screens from burning, start with three aspects:

Large LED screens are widely used in various industries. With an area of ​​hundreds or even thousands, shocking visual effects displayed are very eye-catching, but dangers lurk behind scenery.

April 28, outer wall of a building in Luolai Square on Qixin Road in Minhang District of Shanghai suddenly caught fire due to a malfunction of LED display. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

On May 18, an electronic billboard in Times Square in New York suddenly caught fire. After fighting, no one was injured, building was not damaged.

On July 23, a fire broke out on facade of the first floor of a pedestrian street in Datan Everbright, Qujiang New District.

Lose millions! To prevent LED screens from burning, start with three aspects:

Fires caused by LED displays happen almost every year. The LED itself generates a certain amount of heat during operation.

What aspects should I start with to prevent LED screens from catching fire?

1. The quality of LED display itself is excellent

1) In order to ensure safety and stability of wire materials, in line with requirements of national standard: core of wire is a copper wire conductive carrier, tolerance of cross-sectional area of ​​the wire core is within standard range, and insulation and fire resistance of rubber wrapping wire core, conform to standard;

2) Use high quality UL certified power products, their efficient conversion speed ensures safety and stability of power load;

3) High-quality protective technology and flame retardant materials should be used to prevent rain, dust and dust from entering inside of screen, causing electronic components to short-circuit and cause fire;

5) Choose a heatsink with good performance to dissipate heat in time to avoid high temperature and fire.

Lose millions! To prevent LED screens from burning, start with three aspects:
2. Proper installation by professionals

Installing a large LED screen also requires skill, so be sure to get a professional to install it.

Big screens that cost hundreds or even thousands consume a lot of power during operation, so exhaust fans and air conditioners should be fitted with large LED screens when installed to cool inside of screen.

In this case, it is necessary to install lightning protection equipment, check it in time in case of strong convection and thunderstorm weather, test anti-pipe and replace it in time if it fails.

3. Need to raise awareness of daily maintenance

No matter how good a product is without daily maintenance, sooner or later it will have problems, and a large LED screen also needs maintenance at least twice a year.

If any defective parts are found, such as damage, they should be replaced in time, especially small parts of steel frame structure;

When receiving warnings of natural disasters such as bad weather, you need to check stability and security of each screen component. If there is any problem, please solve it in time to avoid unnecessary losses;

Regularly maintain surface coating of LED display and welding points of steel structure to prevent corrosion, rust and peeling.

It's summer now with thunderstorms, you should be careful when using LED displays, choose high quality LEDs, find professional installation, and pay attention to maintenance at normal times so that LEDs can reproduce their best effects.

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