May 21, 2023

Anti-theft skills|Home anti-theft system, keep last line of defense

Midnight horror, who will protect us?

In early morning of August 8, Mr. Xie, who lives in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, got up to go to bathroom, and suddenly found a black shadow flashing by, and black shadow slipped away from gate. Mr. Xie immediately called police. During investigation, police found that thief was still hiding on balcony on second floor. After combined efforts of police and others to catch thief, they were finally caught.

The thief confessed to his behavior, but what is shocking is that thief came to Mr. Xie's house to steal more than ten days ago! Fortunately, Mr. Xie and his wife were not hurt, but they were still afraid.

Anti-theft skills|Home anti-theft system, keep last line of defense

In summer, burglary enters a period of high incidence. The loss of money and property is small, and if you come face to face with a thief who steals, your life may be in danger. At this time, it is especially important to install a home burglar alarm.

Anti-theft alarm - anti-theft and anti-theft protection

An anti-theft alarm system is a system that uses physical methods or electronic technology to automatically detect intrusions occurring in a secure surveillance area, generate an alarm, and request personnel on duty to indicate area where alarm occurred. and display possible countermeasures.

Home anti-theft alarm includes alarm host, door and window protection (door sensor), wireless emergency button, smoke detector, human body infrared detector, outdoor security shooting, CCTV camera, geomagnetism, wireless shutter, remote controller, controller wireless keyboard, etc.

Anti-theft skills|Home anti-theft system, keep last line of defense
How to choose a burglar alarm for your home

1. Select equipment according to needs, determine anti-theft zone and main anti-theft areas in house, and choose anti-theft equipment wisely.

2. Wireless anti-theft alarm and mobile monitoring support is best choice. When many people install anti-theft alarm system, their home is already decorated. At present, it is first choice to choose a wireless anti-theft alarm device without destroying original circuit. Support remote monitoring, which can facilitate remote monitoring, disarming and alarming.

3. Be sure to buy products from 3C certified brands and don't be greedy for cheapness. The product quality of big brands is guaranteed, and they also have excellent after-sales service. If there is a problem using product, they can get a timely response.

4. When choosing piping, avoid choosing anti-theft alarm devices that use PVC pipes or grooves for protection, and choose galvanized steel pipes, since PVC pipes are more likely to encounter artificial destruction. The choice of pipelines with high material hardness will practically increase self-protection of anti-theft alarm.

Precautions when installing a home security alarm

1. Security scheme

Determine area to be strengthened, and install security devices according to different needs of outdoor perimeter security, interior door and window security, balcony security, sliding door security, and area to be monitored.

2. Hidden installation

The installation position of anti-theft alarm directly affects actual operation of anti-theft alarm, so it must be installed in a relatively hidden place so that thieves cannot destroy it.

The host must be installed where there is a power line. The wireless signaling host should preferably be installed at center of all detectors to facilitate signal reception and avoid bad channel conditions.

The anti-theft alarm is an electronic product with high frequency radiation, which is easily disturbed by magnetic field of household appliances, so keep a certain distance from household appliances when installing.

Anti-theft skills|Home anti-theft system, keep last line of defense

3. Correct wiring

Microcomputer alarm host can be installed next to outer wall of information access unit. The comprehensive wiring of each front detector is connected to alarm meter signal collection module in information access unit, and then connected to microcomputer alarm host from module.

The anti-theft system is also "righteous". With development of technology, home anti-theft alarm will become more and more perfect to protect our security. I would also like to remind everyone, when going out into street, to lock doors and windows, not to leave old people and children alone at home, to call police in time when meeting suspicious people.