May 20, 2023

Blessing smart security, helping sunset blush in old age

Blessing smart security, helping sunset blush in old age

At end of June 2019, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs published a report titled World Population Prospects 2019: Summary of Findings. The report notes that aging of world's population is accelerating, and population aged 65 and over will become fastest growing age group. Currently, about 9% of world's population is over 65 years old, and by 2050 proportion of world's population aged 65 years and over will reach 16%.

The problem of population aging in my country is more relevant. According to statistics from National Bureau of Statistics, in 2018, population aged 60 years and over in my country was 250 million, which is 17.9% of total population. of which population aged 65 and over was 160 million, representing 11.9% of total population.

Blessing smart security, helping sunset blush in old age

Currently, almost 50% of elderly in our country live in an "empty nest", and almost 80% of them prefer to live in homes for elderly. The security industry has also discovered demand for smart security for elderly, and home security specifically designed for elderly has become a new development opportunity.

Today, intelligent security mainly uses new generation information technology products such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and smart hardware to realize efficient connectivity and optimal resource allocation for individuals, families, communities, institutions. , and healthy care for elderly, and deepen intelligence of care for elderly, improve quality of care for elderly.

Smart equipment for elderly care

Smart monitoring devices and wearables

Through coordination and cooperation of intelligent monitoring equipment and wearable devices, elderly can monitor breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure and other data of elderly in real time without any operation. Some surveillance cameras with AI deep learning features can also intelligently identify activities such as falling out of bed and falling elderly, automatically talk to their children, and automatically call rescuers.

Smart Lock

Due to poor memory of elderly, it is very easy to forget key or forget password, so smart lock integrated with biometric technology will have great potential in elderly care market. When it is inconvenient for elderly to open door, whether they are outside or inside house, their children can open it remotely through app. At same time, some smart locks also have a door opening record control function, which can help children control the opening of their parents' door locks at any time and find abnormal situations at any time.

Blessing smart security, helping sunset blush in old age

Smart Pillow

It can receive sleep posture, breathing waveform, snoring rate and heart rate, etc. to improve sleep quality and even cervical spine health. The intelligent scale can check at any time whether bone density, fat density and protein intake of elderly are normal.

Smart shoes with fall protection

When an old man is found to be unbalanced and about to fall, he can immediately use caterpillar to "pull at critical moment." After all, an old man's fall is much more than a simple fracture.

Smart Pill

It can show elderly how to take their medicine, as well as send a remote alert or call social health center or hospital to remind elderly to take their medicine on time.

Smart knife and fork

It can show whether food intake is high in sugar, calories and unhealthy.

Blessing smart security, helping sunset blush in old age

The combination of all products above has become a smart home security system for elderly. This system aggregates and analyzes all data on older people to quantify overall life status of older people. By analyzing and comparing a large data center, Give advice on how to lead a healthy life

In today's rapid development of time, quality of care for elderly is gradually being paid attention to, and blessing of smart security will also be next explosive point, but for security field, this is an opportunity and a challenge.

On one hand, elderly are not good at accepting new things, so intelligence of elderly safety products is foundation that puts forward high demands on security technology; Service is key to a strong foothold. For security companies, only by addressing these two basic requirements can they win fortress of smart elderly care.