May 19, 2023

What are functions and significance of whole process of expressway monitoring

Everyone who often drives at high speed knows that on high-speed roads there are not only smart barrier monitors, speed limit capture monitors and relative path monitors, but also a high-speed shoulder every kilometer. is either on highway or down highway. There are different monitors on pole. Generally, each pole is equipped with a mobile monitor and a 36° remote control monitor. real-time monitoring and surveillance with advantages of zoom and no blind spots.

First of all, with rapid development of China's economy, number of family cars is also increasing. Compared with ordinary roads, expressways have characteristics of good linearity, high technical performance, a large amount of traffic, and faster driving. traffic usually chooses high speed, and along with this, traffic flow has increased significantly, and traffic congestion and traffic accidents are becoming more and more serious.

Therefore, a full-featured expressway video surveillance system can instantly, accurately and in detail collect and predict various information about road ahead, such as traffic, traffic accidents, real-time road conditions, etc. Monitors per kilometer along coast. When there is an anomaly in traffic, location of anomaly can be determined in time, and appropriate reminder and launch information can be issued in time through high-speed bulletin board or scheduled radio programs.

What are functions and significance of whole process of expressway monitoring

Secondly, our country is experiencing a wide range of climate change. Extreme weather conditions such as fog, rain and snow, as well as icy roads, will suddenly occur in some areas, which is fraught with traffic accidents and traffic jams.

Therefore, a full-featured expressway video surveillance system based on number of monitors per kilometer along coast can detect and warn in real time, accurately and in detail, about extreme weather conditions such as fog, rain and snow, and freezing on road.Weather , full-wire control system can control camera to control conversion of near and far vision on spot, remote control camera to rotate viewing angle, zoom wide-angle lens to observe incident in detail, until camera effect improves and relevant departments are notified in time to go to scene for permission.

In case of major accidents, fire and rescue vehicles can be scientifically arranged in advance, and then driver can be notified in advance of real-time road conditions according to display screen and software of video and voice alert system to ensure driving safety and effectively separate cars from driving.

Then there are some violations of rules and regulations on track, such as up and down tourists on track, occupation of emergency parking belts, speed limit, U-turn, reversing, turning and other violations, so that full-line track video surveillance system , one monitor per kilometer along coast, can keep a real-time monitoring system behind each vehicle. In other words, entire road is completely covered with no blind spots. You see, even if you block license plate size and win 1 monitor, you cannot hide all monitors in future.

For example, freeway spills or pig invasion, so to ensure high-speed full-line monitoring of expressway, monitors per kilometer along coast can monitor dirt on ground and pig invasion in real time. Hazardous event detection, whole line management system can timely deal with ground anomalies according to surveillance camera hazardous event detection and background management, and notify relevant department personnel to rush to site. scene to solve them.

It can scientifically arrange firefighters and rescue vehicles to deal with it in advance, and then inform driver in advance of road conditions in real time through display screen and video and voice alert system, to ensure driving safety and effectively separate driving of motor vehicles funds.

Real-time monitoring siHighway full video surveillance systems can not only increase average speed of vehicles, reduce traffic congestion, save fuel, reduce vehicle damage, shorten transportation time and reduce environmental pollution, but also can greatly reduce number of traffic accidents, to ensure personal security and capital security, make full use of speed, security and high efficiency of expressway. A fully functional video surveillance system has significant economic, socio-economic and environmental benefits.