May 19, 2023

The home camera becomes a "peeping artifact" and surveillance screen in bedroom costs 20 yuan apiece.

As society evolves, smart cameras are slowly making their way into our lives. Concerned about safety of elderly and children at home and afraid of being stolen when going out, buy a smart camera and install it with your mobile phone so that you can see clearly.

However, security camera becomes an artifact for voyeurs! Criminals break into surveillance system, mindlessly spy on our lives through camera, and even sell our private video for 5 yuan per screen in living room and 20 yuan per screen in bedroom...

The home camera becomes a "peeping artifact" and surveillance screen in bedroom costs 20 yuan apiece.

What's even more scary is that we think camera hacking is a hacking activity, but reality is that normal people can do it. There are criminals selling camera hacking software on Internet. As long as you follow his usage guide, you can hack our cameras.

Accidentally became an internet celebrity and all images that can be seen but not seen are being streamed, which is truly terrifying. How can we ensure that our privacy is not compromised? Start by buying a smart camera.

Four Precautions When Buying a Camera

1. Be sure to choose regular channels to buy branded cameras and avoid buying products with three "no's".

2. Raise awareness of privacy information protection, pay attention to and prevent risk of user information leakage, carefully study manufacturer's requirements for collection, storage and use of user information, and make purchase and selection decisions based on your actual situation. and wishes.

3. When using it, you should actively change smart camera's default password in time. The password setting should have a certain complexity and be changed regularly.

The home camera becomes a "peeping artifact" and surveillance screen in bedroom costs 20 yuan apiece.

4. Keep operating system version of smart camera and related mobile applications updated in a timely manner. Stop use immediately if any abnormalities are found and inform manufacturer while waiting for manufacturer to correct problem.

If you want to ensure security of personal information, in addition to what you should pay attention to when buying a camera, manufacturer of camera must also take appropriate measures.

Manufacturers increase investment in camera security technology

Manufacturers are first to plug privacy and security loopholes. Manufacturers cannot simply reduce their investment in technical security to protect against malicious code, cloud encryption, weak password verification, access control, etc. in order to compete in market.

Now, some well-known companies in market have also guaranteed home security information through national secret algorithm data encryption, transmission channels and other aspects to control and improve the security of home data.

The home camera becomes a "peeping artifact" and surveillance screen in bedroom costs 20 yuan apiece.
The state formulates appropriate standards and severely punishes according to law

The government-issued "Public Security Video Surveillance Network Information Security Specification" effectively prevents forgery, falsification and illegal transmission at data level, but there is no single standard for surveillance cameras in civilian market.

The government should implement information security technology standards in home video surveillance as soon as possible and block "illegal eyes" that penetrate privacy through technical barriers.

In addition, relevant departments must strictly enforce rule of law. On one hand, they will crack down hard on behavior of selling scanning software, and on other hand, they will crack down hard on behavior of stealing, sharing, and selling family privacy. And strictly ban smart camera manufacturers who have not passed quality check.

In age of Internet, each of us must control our behavior. We must be careful when buying cameras. As soon as we discover that our privacy has been stolen, we must call police in time.

It is also hoped that most manufacturers will improve security of cameras and country will release systems and regulations as soon as possible. Many parties have joined forces to close "black hole" of home cameras.