May 17, 2023

Campus security has a long way to go, who will hold umbrella for kids

"The sky gathers colors of summer, and leaves move in autumn." Waiting, waiting, school pace is approaching...

The campus, quiet during summer holidays, will once again return to its former bustle. At same time, campus security work has also become a test.

Campus security has a long way to go, who will hold umbrella for kids

Campus safety is no small matter, and campus carries hope of country, society and every family. Maintaining safety and stability of campus is an important guarantee of building a harmonious society.

Campus security has a long way to go

In May 2019, Ministry of Public Security issued new requirements for construction of campus security system: by end of 2019, we must contribute to achievement of three 100% operational goals: The emergency alarm, video surveillance system, and local public security agencies have a network connection speed of 100%, and rate of full-time security guards in city's primary and secondary schools has reached 100%.

But currently, 20% of campuses in country are not equipped with security, and 40% of campus security systems do not meet national standards.

Three defenses in one, build a safer campus

The construction of campus security system cannot be completed overnight. It needs to start with three aspects of human protection, material protection and technical protection.

01, Campus Security and Civil Air Defense

"Civil Air Defense" is primary means of prevention in campus security. Although most schools have been staffed with security personnel, full-time security guards and guards, there is still a need to further strengthen construction of security institutions and security teams, strengthen security skills training, and continuously improve their quality and ability to ensure that campus security forces are truly effective. .

Campus security has a long way to go, who will hold umbrella for kids

02, Campus Security Guard

Install security fences, anti-theft doors, and lighting fixtures in key parts, areas, and locations of school, reinforce and reinforce campus walls, install fire protection, traffic safety, food hygiene, and other safety measures on campus.

Equip security personnel with necessary equipment for duty, protection and detention, schools along highway should install road signs such as warning signs, speed bumps, zebra crossings, speed limit signs and pedestrian crossings on roads at school gates.

03, Technical protection of campus safety

Entrance and exit access control system

This mainly includes visitor registration system and gate system. The visitor registration system must deal with complex and inconvenient identification of people entering and leaving campus. Dangerous elements quickly identified by platform have an early warning effect.

The barrier gate system is mainly installed at campus gate to prevent outsiders and vehicles from entering and exiting. Now it is also merged with visitor registration system to form a double guarantee.

Campus security has a long way to go, who will hold umbrella for kids

High definition video surveillance system

Via all-weather, real-time, high-definition video surveillance in many important areas and locations such as libraries, school gates, playgrounds, parking lots, school roads, plazas, perimeters, canteens, and walkways on some floors.

In today's AI technology that is becoming more mature, combination of AI mining technology with video surveillance and voice recognition can better meet needs of current campus security work.

Alarm communication system

Through monitoring management software and alarm interface software, monitoring system can respond to regional network alarm system. After user of regional network alarm system generates an alarm, regional network alarm host automatically transmits corresponding images to big screen. or main monitor through alarm interface software., and at same time run pre-planning system installed.

With development of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and big data technologies, construction of "Smart Secure Campus" system will advance significantly. By building an intelligent security system, various systems will be integrated into data. centers for formation of security. Use big data to detect threats, eliminate hidden dangers, prevent major accidents, reduce burden on security personnel, and create a safer and more efficient learning and working environment for educators and students.