May 16, 2023

3 years VS 10 years, veteran monitoring has its advantages and disadvantages and it's worth learning.

3 years VS 10 years, veteran monitoring has its advantages and disadvantages and it's worth learning.

Installing a monitoring system seems like a very simple task. Many users find that installing a monitoring system is as easy as installing home appliances. But for today's weak engineers, monitoring is a complex project that requires many issues to be considered.

3 years VS 10 years, veteran monitoring has its advantages and disadvantages and it's worth learning.

Master Yang has 3 years of monitoring installation experience, he summarized 6 points to pay attention to when monitoring installation:

1. In network wiring, whether it is a category 5e network cable or a category 6 network cable, transmission distance cannot exceed 100m. If it exceeds 100m, switch should be used as a relay, or network delay should be used. directly. Single-mode fiber transmission, longest transmission distance of single-mode optical fiber can reach tens of kilometers.

2.The HD network camera can be powered by 12V2A power supply or POE power supply.It is not recommended to use centralized power, especially when using infrared camera.Otherwise, image will be normal during day, and infrared light cannot be turned on due to insufficient power at night. Phenomenon.

3. For HD network cameras installed outdoors, attention should be paid to waterproofing power supply and network port. At present, many manufacturers' products already support waterproof tail cables. It is also possible to install a small switchboard in open air, and in switchboard to place power supply and equipment for connecting to network.

4. Choose a quality network cable and quartz head to avoid increasing after-sales costs due to product quality. People often overlook network cables and crystal heads, but these two quality issues do affect quality of final product. If it is not selected, it will be extremely troublesome to replace it later.

5. The most important thing for network monitoring is to pay attention to selection of switches and construction of network environment. Typically, conventional 100MP switches can be used within 8 monitoring points. It is recommended to choose a network switch with a gigabit download port for 8 monitoring points. As for medium to large monitoring projects, it is necessary to consider a 10 Gigabit three-layer core switch that can be managed over network.

6. If customer does not need remote monitoring, it is not recommended to connect monitoring network to office network, because video monitoring takes up a large bandwidth in transmission process, which will seriously affect Internet access speed of office network.

3 years VS 10 years, veteran monitoring has its advantages and disadvantages and it's worth learning.

Master Liu has 10 years of monitoring and installation experience. He agrees with Master Yang's description of experience, but Master Liu also mentioned:

The hardest part of monitoring is customer relationship management. The technical perspective is just one aspect. Accurately identifying customer pain points and meeting their needs is essential to success.

Master Liu said that many of his friends complained that installation work was too tedious and that they were not as good as builders. Why are you angry?

Bad communication before installation, customer dissatisfaction with installation effect, or problems with product itself are all causes of final problem, but this time customer will only come to you to judge. Therefore, although installation of monitoring is "hard work", sometimes it must be thorough. It is very important to understand customer's budget, basic requirements for installation and monitoring, and expected value of monitoring effect.

Don't think you've been monitoring for years and any installation is easy because customers don't think about problems from an installer's point of view, they think about whether your work is in line with their core business. requirements, even if they are wrong. Therefore, good communication at initial stage is actually a manifestation of responsibility both to users and to yourself, do not be afraid of troubles and delays.

Actually, whether it's Master Yang's resume of 3 years or Master Liu's opinion of 10 years, this is most personal experience of advanced monitoring and installation personnel. Thanks to these people for their efforts, let camera be our eyes and protect our safety.