May 16, 2023

What is cloud monitoring platform

What is a monitoring platform?

PTZ is a mounting platform consisting of two AC motors that can move horizontally and vertically. But you should pay attention to difference from concept of a cloud platform in photography. The pan/tilt of photo equipment is usually a tripod that can only be adjusted manually, while pan/tilt mentioned in monitoring system can remotely control its rotation and direction through control system.

The speed of rotation of stabilizer is an important indicator for assessing quality of stabilizer. The horizontal and vertical directions of gimbal are driven by two different motors, so rotation speed of gimbal is also divided into horizontal rotation speed and vertical rotation speed.

Due to load, torque of vertical motor is greater than torque in horizontal direction when it is started and running. In addition to actual monitoring, horizontal speed requirement is higher than vertical speed. Therefore, generally speaking, vertical speed of gimbal should be lower than horizontal speed.

What is cloud monitoring platform

Based on various standards, there are many other suspension classifications

Depending on application environment, they are divided into indoor and outdoor. The main difference is that outdoor types have good sealing performance, moisture resistance, anti-fouling and high load capacity.

According to installation method, it is divided into top and lifting, that is, whether PTZ camera is installed on ceiling or on wall.

In appearance, it is divided into general type and spherical type. The spherical pan/tilt camera is designed to accommodate a pan/tilt camera in a hemispherical and spherical protective housing. In addition to preventing dust from entering image, it is also hidden and beautiful. ,fast.

According to motion function, it can be divided into horizontal and omnidirectional (omnidirectional).

According to operating frequency, they are divided into AC fixed speed PTZ cameras and DC high speed PTZ cameras.

Based on payload capacity, they are divided into light duty PTZ cameras, medium duty PTZ cameras and light duty PTZ cameras.

Depending on load setting method, they are divided into side PTZ cameras and top mount PTZ cameras.

They are divided into generic and special types depending on application environment.

Versatility refers to use in polluted air without flammable, non-corrosive gases or fumes, and can be divided into application type and outdoor application type.

The most typical unique application is explosion-proof head.

Therefore, when you set up a monitoring system, you should choose a PTZ camera and have a good understanding of basics.