May 15, 2023

Alarm bells are ringing! 90% of students still ignore, don't take life as a joke

Deng Lun in June, Li Xian in July, Xiao Zhan in August, but none of them can match class teacher in September! Congratulations everyone, school has finally started. Seeing familiar friends, it's beyond words? Someone ate hot at school and was called a fireman.

Alarm bells are ringing! 90% of students still ignore, don't take life as a joke

Don't think it's a trifle! In August 2016, two students living in Apartment No. 2 of Yantai University used a spirit lamp to eat hot food in hallway. They added alcohol without extinguishing flame. A fire broke out, as a result of which two people were injured, one of whom received a burn of up to 40%.

According to data, very few colleges and universities have not experienced fires. In campus dormitory fires, most of it is due to illegal use of electrical appliances, such as use of rapid heating, small sunlight, table lamps, three-wire extension cords, etc., all of which can start a fire. Once a fire breaks out in a dorm, it is very easy to cause mass accidents with death and mass injury.

Alarm bells are ringing! 90% of students still ignore, don't take life as a joke

How should colleges and universities prevent dorm fires?

Intelligent fire protection: from "elimination" to "prevention"

Universities and colleges comprehensively improve their technical protection equipment, implement intelligent fire protection, establish a reliable fire response mechanism, and create a safe campus. Connect fire fighting equipment, equipment, early warning equipment and Internet to realize informatization, data processing and fire fighting intelligence. To provide real-time monitoring of dynamic fire safety information, timely fire detection, intelligent fire analysis and planning of best escape routes.

The core mission of intelligent fire protection is no longer focused on "killing" but, more importantly, it is transforming into a deployment of "preventing" fires. Thanks to all-weather real-time monitoring, fire hazardous situations are eliminated in a timely manner, and fires are eliminated in bud.

Alarm bells are ringing! 90% of students still ignore, don't take life as a joke
Conducting fire checks and inspections

It is necessary to focus on strengthening nighttime inspection of student residences to strictly prevent emergence of locked emergency exits and illegal use of fire and electricity.

Fire-fighting equipment inside a building should be serviced regularly to make sure it is complete and comfortable to use. in event of a fire, it can be dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.

Improve student fire safety education and increase safety awareness.

As an educational institution, colleges and universities should first strengthen fire safety promotional and educational work for students, and adopt various promotional and educational methods so that students fully understand importance of fire safety work.

Through various visits, exercises, trainings and other activities, give students opportunity to fully understand danger of fire and improve students' awareness and vigilance in fire prevention.

Alarm bells are ringing! 90% of students still ignore, don't take life as a joke

In addition to school, as a student, you must follow safety rules in hostel.

2. Do not use illegal electrical appliances and flammable appliances prohibited in dormitory, such as rapid heating, induction cooker, rice cooker, small sun, alcohol stove, gas stove, etc.;

3. If you find that power switch and socket are faulty, you must report repair in time;

4. Do not burn items in hostel. Someone must be present to light candles and mosquito coils. Use non-flammable pillows and stay away from combustible materials;

5. Do not smoke in hostel, it is strictly forbidden to throw randomly lit cigarette butts;

6. When dorm is empty, be sure to check and turn off the power to all electrical equipment such as lights, fans and computers;

The wonderful life on campus has just begun. Don't leave regrets for life because of your illegal operations. Finally, I wish all students a happy start to school.