May 10, 2023

Smart cat eye flash, everything you want to know is here

Smart cat eye flash, everything you want to know is here

Maoyan is first line of defense at home, essential for every family. With development of smart home, Maoyan has also been upgraded. With combined support of politics, technology and consumer demand, smart cat eyes have become new favorite of smart homes and a highly sought-after smart product.

Studies have shown that by 2023, sales of smart home devices will exceed sales of smartphones and reach 1.94 billion units. In recent years, development of smart cat eyes has been gaining momentum in smart homes. Why are smart cat eyes so popular and how to choose smart cat eyes?

Smart cat eye flash, everything you want to know is here

Disadvantages of Traditional Cat's Eye

1. The definition of traditional cat eyes is poor

Traditional cat eyes require people to lie on door and look into cat eyes. The elderly cannot see clearly and children cannot reach them. At night, if there is no light in corridor, door is almost completely dark, which is generally useless.

2. Secondly, a small viewing angle and a limited range

Even if traditional cat's eye is close to door, there are still many blind spots, and if no one is at home, it is impossible to know situation behind door.

3. Terrifying cat-eye function

Maoyan's biggest loophole in traditional sense is that it's easy for thieves to take advantage of it, and it's easy for a house to be stolen. Thieves can use manipulator to cut open cat's eye, place dishes further back in room from cat's eye position, and lock main door handle to turn and unlock. This set of actions is easily amenable to "professional" thieves. Once, someone opened anti-theft door through peephole within 1 minute. Therefore, traditional cat's eye not only allows family members to see world outside the door, but also provides convenience for thieves.

Smart cat eye flash, everything you want to know is here

Smart Cat Eye Benefits

1. The principle of a smart cat's eye is very simple. A camera behind door collects images and then displays them on a screen indoors. Since it is equipped with a wide-angle lens, it can see all scenes within about 160 degrees outside door, nothing in room can be seen through cat's head. If smart eyes are installed on gates of brothels or private apartments, etc., then this will play a certain role in protection against theft and safety of family, visit of important visitors.

2. Automatically detects and captures photos/videos so no visitor is missed. When someone stays outside door, it will automatically take a photo or record a video to save, which is convenient for viewing visitor records. Super infrared night vision, dark night when you can't see your fingers, and visitors' five senses It's still clearly visible 3MP day and night dual-use security camera can clearly record visitor information.

The monitoring system can conduct all-weather and multi-directional monitoring, saving human and material resources. Real-time video surveillance, which can be accessed at any time, has become an indispensable security barrier in people's lives.

3. Associated with smart lock, when you are on a business trip and a visitor comes to you, you can remotely open smart lock through smart peephole, avoiding embarrassment of visitor not entering.

4. Network remote viewing operation control, as long as there is a network, you can check dynamics at door of your house in real time, and you can also communicate with visitors remotely by video, so that people can go out. with a calm mind.

Smart cat eye flash, everything you want to know is here

How to choose a smart cat eye

First of all, you need to find out what features cat eyes currently on market have. The most common features are nothing more than motion detection, infrared night vision, voice communication, automatic photo and video recording, screen monitoring. etc. Families are also different in configuration, so you need to explain to seller what effect you want to achieve, and then let them choose right product.

Finally, technical issues are a problem of heart for most users. Smart cat eyes are high-tech products, and there must be a lot of technical content when using them, so you should coordinate follow-up service with manufacturer. before buying.Only when after-sales service is guaranteed, you can use it with peace of mind and peace of mind.