May 09, 2023

How to choose a security provider, this article is quite detailed

How to choose a security provider, this article is quite detailed

There are many security products involved in security development, so it's common to have to deal with multiple vendors to create a complete security system. Security vendors come from different cities and their strengths vary greatly. If quality of products provided by supplier is better, it will save a lot of after-sales service costs, and profit from project will be significant. If there are frequent problems with supplier's products, it is likely that profits from project will be consumed by after-sales service. The choice of a reliable security system supplier for cooperation plays an important role in implementation of a security system project.

How to choose a security provider, this article is quite detailed

Under normal circumstances, if supplier is a small enterprise, boss can be directly in charge of business, and attitude will be better, but product quality is often relatively poor; if supplier is a large enterprise, production line is completed, and product quality is relatively guaranteed, but lack of flexibility, service attitude is often relatively poor.

We cannot simply choose large enterprises or small enterprises as rigid standards for suppliers, and each supplier cannot verify production line, financial records and operations of company on site. So how do you choose a security provider?

1. A way to assess strength of an enterprise without visiting factory

1. Consult with supplier's business personnel about structure of their company's departments, and then request telephone numbers of heads of each department to check them one by one. If an enterprise has an integral department, in principle one can judge scale of enterprise;

2. Research supplier's office location. If it is XX, building XX or XX, subdivision XX XX community, basically it can be judged that force is relatively small;

3. Ask supplier for some certificates, such as production license, inspection report, CE certification, 3C certification, etc. Whether they are useful or not, collect them first. With a certificate, you can determine strength of an enterprise.

4. Collect promotional materials from suppliers, look not at cover, but at content. Strong vendors tend to focus more on content, while weak vendors tend to focus on "brilliance" when printing materials.

5. Research and check how many phone lines provider has, which is very effective. A powerful enterprise must have dozens of telephone lines.

How to choose a security provider, this article is quite detailed

Secondly, a method for determining whether an enterprise is growing or declining

1. View supplier's web page and leave a message on web page to see if anyone subscribes. For companies that are developing, web pages are updated in a timely manner and a responsible person will be appointed. For companies that go down, their websites have generally not been updated in a long time.

2. Pay attention to commodity structure of suppliers. For growing companies, products will be constantly updated, and for companies that are going uphill, products will not change much.

3. Pay attention to information from suppliers. Growing companies usually take initiative to contact customers. If you do not take initiative to contact your company for a long time, you may be suspected of decline.

4. Examine supplier's development history. If there is years of experience in industry and a relatively stable staff, it is mostly reliable. If you have never heard of this business, you should proceed with caution.

How to choose a security provider, this article is quite detailed

Third, method for determining relationship of after-sales service

1. If you are going to call supplier's business personnel or technical personnel after business hours or on holidays, if you cannot contact relevant personnel, you should worry about future after-sales service.

2. Study corporate culture of supplier. If a company puts customers first, you can get information from many details. If a company does not pay much attention to customers, it is impossible to do a good after-sales job. service.

3. Talk to a few after-sales service engineers of supplier to consult on technical issues, and you can directly feel attitude of other party's work.

According to the above method of choosing a security provider, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary problems at a later stage, so write it down!