May 08, 2023

What is a double leaf access control system? you've heard about it?

The access control system belongs to field of smart buildings, that is, to access control system called ACS. Refers to prohibitive power of "door", which protects against "door". By "door" here in a broad sense refers to all kinds of passages through which you can pass, including doors for people and vehicles. Therefore, access control includes vehicle access control. In application of parking management, vehicle access control is an important means of vehicle management, but not for collecting parking fees, but mainly for managing vehicle entry and exit permits.

What is a double leaf access control system? you've heard about it?

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What is a two-door access control system? Few have heard of him?

A two-door access control system is commonly used when entering and exiting important places such as banks, prisons and vaults, in combination with a digital control system. Also called AB door, it must be used together with a door sensor. When door sensor detects that one door is not locked, other door cannot be opened normally. Only when a door is normally locked can another door be normally opened so that safe passage is isolated and criminals cannot enter to prevent and delay crime.

Features of two-door access control system

To implement a comprehensive construction of civil air defense, material, technical and joint protection, as well as to create a modern digital security management system with a high level of security.

The most important features of building a prison information system are: innovation and development of existing prison work can greatly improve work efficiency and mitigate conflict with lack of frontline police officers in prison; this can improve quality of prison management. , to maintain social stability; can improve scientific and technological level of prison security and prevention, improve safety factor; can further standardize law enforcement procedures, prevent human error in law enforcement, and ensure judicial fairness.

It can show international community a good image of Chinese prison science, civilization and justice. This design of prison informatization will strive to be at forefront of national penitentiary system and lay a solid foundation for further fulfilling functions of prisons in building a socialist harmonious society.

The security is high, and identification terminal adopts iris recognition access control machine with highest security.

Reliable self-protection, in illegal situations, system can automatically send an alarm, and at same time link video surveillance screen and record time, door number, status and other information to ensure your own security. and for subsequent verification

With double door interlock, alarm, emergency door open, tamper alarm, real-time monitoring and other general access control functions

Use TCP/IP communication, relay output and Wiegand signal.

Test mode for AB access control system to open door

Mode 1: 3D face recognition mode (3D face recognition device + access controller + electric lock)

The user will stand in front of 3D face recognition device to checkki personality and identification. After identifying and confirming identity, controller opens door with corresponding electric lock, records and saves entry time.

Mode 2: card plus door open mode (CPU card reader + access controller + electric lock)

The user enters CPU card reader to open door, and access control controller collects identification information for comparison. After identifying and confirming legal identity, controller controls corresponding electric lock to open door, record and save entry time.