May 06, 2023

Gas explosions are life-threatening, urgent need to install gas detectors

On January 30, a gas leak occurred from home of a resident of Yangjia District, Changchun City, causing deflagration and a fire, killing 8 people and injuring 3 others.

On June 13, a liquefied gas explosion suddenly occurred in house of a villager in Ganxian District, leaving a family of four in the blood.

On June 27, a gas fire broke out in a gas user's house on Mashenmiao Street, Suiping District.

Gas explosions are life-threatening, urgent need to install gas detectors

Gas is closely linked to our basic necessities of life. Although it is convenient in everyday life, use of gas also poses many safety concerns.

Once gas leaks and is inhaled excessively by human body, it can cause fainting, paralysis, and even risk of suffocation. When concentration of combustible gas reaches a certain concentration, it is very easy to cause an explosion and cause a large-scale fire.

Prevention of gas leakage is a task that every gas consuming family should attach great importance to, and it is especially important to install gas analyzers.

Gas detector

A gas detector is a sensor that detects concentration of a gas. Its main original component is a gas sensor, which is installed in a place where a gas leak can occur. When concentration of gas in air exceeds set value, sensor will trigger an alarm, and send out sound and light alarms, when connected to alarm host and alarm center, alarm can be connected to network, and at same time, it can automatically start exhaust equipment, close gas pipeline valve, etc. to ensure safety of life and property.

In civil security protection projects, it is mainly used for household gas leak detectors, and is also widely used in various oil refineries, oil depots, chemical plants, liquefied gas stations and other places subject to combustible gas leakage.

Gas explosions are life-threatening, urgent need to install gas detectors

The installation of gas detectors is also special, how to install them correctly?

01 installation location

Installation should be avoided in places with strong environmental impact, such as places with high wind speed, such as walkways, places with water mist or dripping water, places near stove, which are easily polluted by oily smoke, steam, etc. etc., or in a high temperature environment (eg above), or where it is covered by other objects (eg inside a cabinet).

When installing a gas detector, it is best to install it in a place where it can be seen and heard clearly. As soon as anxiety arises, it can be found and eliminated immediately.

02 installation distance

Mounted on an indoor wall within 4 meters and 2 meters of a gas appliance or gas source horizontally. And depending on type of gas detected, select upper and lower installation position:

LPG: within 0.3m from ground, artificial and natural gas: within 0.3m from ceiling.

Gas explosions are life-threatening, urgent need to install gas detectors

03 Avoid electromagnetic interference

When installing a gas alarm, make sure there is no strong electromagnetic field interference around it, such as no powerful electrical appliances near it, to prevent strong magnetic field from affecting alarm when it works.

04 installation steps

a. Mark holes on selected location on wall to match two mounting holes on free-standing board (the hook on board must point horizontally upwards).

b.Drill installation hole, insert rubber plug for random installation, and then fix installation plate on wall with random self-tapping screws.

c. Align three holes on back of case with fixing hooks on mounting plate and hang case.

d. After connecting corresponding output signal lines, turn on power.

Gas explosions are life-threatening, urgent need to install gas detectors

05 Regular replacement and maintenance

Check your gas alarm once a month to make sure it can be repaired in time if alarm fails. For all gas detectors from conventional manufacturers, service life is indicated in instructions. The total service life is three years, so it must be replaced every three years.

For safety of yourself and others, it is better to install a gas analyzer, while always remembering safety of using gas in order to avoid accidents with a gas explosion.