May 06, 2023

A must-see for low current designers: Ten must-haves for low current design drawings, none of which are indispensable.

The whole process of designing intelligent systems for building projects is same as for architectural design, and includes three stages: a preliminary design, a preliminary design, and a construction drawing. When developing low-current construction drawings, many low-current designers have serious shortcomings due to non-standard design, which leads to one problem or another during construction process.

For weak current designer, standardized design drawings are more helpful in designing, reduce uncertainties during course of project, and avoid errors. So, what should be included in a complete low current design drawing?

A must-see for low current designers: Ten must-haves for low current design drawings, none of which are indispensable.

01, Catalog of drawings

List recently drawn drawings first, followed by selected standard or reusable drawings. Specify drawing content, drawing number, and drawing size.

02. Design description and legend

Description of design is given separately for each system of weak electrons. The basis of project (construction drawings and tender documents of original design institute), observed standards, functions and configuration of each subsystem, design requirements of each subsystem, installation height of equipment and materials, terms of cooperation with each specialty and requirements of each design should be explained.Main points, to pay attention to, content of earth protection, indicate relevant special graphics and illustrations on drawings, as well as instructions for ordering non-standard equipment.

03 Equipment Material List

Subsystems lists specifications for selection, quantity, and grade of equipment and materials for each system.

04, system diagram

Describe principle of system operation, configuration and composition of main equipment of system, power supply mode of system equipment, floors or distribution areas of system equipment, characteristics of piping and cables between equipment, logic of system, and a description of relationship of interlocks.

For a building automation system, it is also necessary to show process flow diagram of controlled electromechanical equipment and setting of control points, type of control points (AI, AO, DI, DO) and power level, separation of controllers and related electromechanical equipment, number of electrical control boxes, etc. e.

05, floor plan

Multilevel representation of position, height and method of installation of low-current equipment on this layer, specification, orientation, height and method of laying trunks and pipelines, specification and orientation of cables, location of low-current current wells and materials of equipment in wells Schematic layout, location of control room.

A must-see for low current designers: Ten must-haves for low current design drawings, none of which are indispensable.

06. Layout plan of a weak electrical well and control room and cross section

Shows location of equipment, ducts, and piping in a low-flow well, as well as location of console, display screen, and personnel lockers in control room.

Specify requirements for power supply of a low-current well, requirements for design of control room and requirements for power supply. Since there is fire suppression system equipment in low flow well, its location should be agreed and determined by owner, manager, fire fighting service and other relevant parties.

07. External piping diagram

Indicate laying method, depth, line coordinates, overhead line height, type of support, characteristics and models of various pipelines, coordinates and marks parallel and intersecting with other pipelines, junction with city or park pipelines.

08. Connection diagram for equipment selection

Wiring diagrams are required for equipment with complex field wiring of each system, such as building automation system controller, access control system controller, parking management system, and communication between equipment in control system. room for a television monitoring system.

BGM controls connection between internal equipment, etc. If external wiring is simple, refer to equipment manual, such as camera and speaker wiring.

09, electrical interface diagram

Demonstrates interface between a building automation system and an electrical control box.

10. Installing a large sample image

Show installation location and how to install equipment in machine room.

The development of a construction drawing of an intelligent system is an important link. The building block must build according to drawing, and supervisory authority must control according to drawing to ensure construction quality of building block. . Whether it is an architectural design institute or a system integrator, it is necessary to pay attention to quality of design so that there are fewer holes to drill, less rework and less impact on quality of project during construction.