May 05, 2023

If installed incorrectly, effect of same surveillance camera will be a hundred times worse

Currently, quality of surveillance cameras is uneven, so when buying, you should choose equipment from conventional manufacturers. However, even if you buy qualified equipment from conventional manufacturers, the final monitoring effect may not be satisfactory. Why is this happening? Apparently, this was caused by improper installation of surveillance cameras. Below, we summarize 5 points that security cameras should pay attention to and record them quickly!

If installed incorrectly, effect of same surveillance camera will be a hundred times worse

1 Notice reflection

Everyone involved in video surveillance knows that when camera is facing windows, reflective surfaces, water surfaces, etc., there will be reflections of varying degrees, which will directly reduce effect of surveillance and even make it impossible to view video content. at all.

So, when there is customer feedback that monitoring effect is not good, we should first exclude reflective objects.

2 Optimizing monitoring settings

The same set of monitoring in different real environments requires adaptive configuration of its parameters.

Many clients feel that their monitoring is not very good. In fact, many of monitoring options still have default values ​​and can be customized to match your actual environment.

Besides, some basic brightness and clarity settings will also affect monitoring effect, everyone knows this, so I won't say more.

3Choose a more suitable installation location

In fact, this point should be considered before installing monitoring. But in reality, you can often encounter some problems that are not taken into account on site, for example, when installing some surveillance systems during day, at night light in some corners will be limited.

If these issues are not fixed early, further debugging is required.

So if monitoring effect is not satisfactory, check position and angle of camera to see if there is room for improvement.

If installed incorrectly, effect of same surveillance camera will be a hundred times worse

4 Familiar with principle of light

Under normal circumstances, overexposure, flare, and blowout of surveillance screen are relatively common, and often only a small amount of adjustment is needed to make surveillance effect much better. If you don't pay attention to some lighting principles, it's easy to cause such issues to arise.

The normal operation is to keep lighting at camera position consistent with lighting at viewpoint to ensure best viewing effect.

5. Avoid screen overlap

Many people think that if it's an unnecessary surveillance screen, it doesn't matter if something is blocking it.

In fact, blocking objects block not only contents of screen, but also light. Uneven light will affect observation effect.

In addition, color of blocking object also easily generates reflections that affect infrared light monitoring, causing normal video recording at night to fail.