May 04, 2023

What aspects are included in daily maintenance of a low-voltage system

What aspects are included in daily maintenance of a low-voltage system

1. Ensure system optimization and smooth operation

For a system that has been in operation for more than two years, most important thing in annual maintenance of equipment is to formulate maintenance measures for scientific equipment to solve problem that electronic products gradually become brittle over time. If equipment fails, it will create a certain degree of risk for safety of entire shopping center.

Reliability of system software is considered to be ensured in following ways.

1) Spare parts upgrading, comprehensive years of intelligent maintenance experience and equipment performance, and purchasing some main equipment as spare parts.

2) Check spare parts and replace them in a timely manner with those that affect performance.

3) Improve internal management model and improve overall troubleshooting efficiency.

4) Cooperate with property management to carry out general protective measures and purposefully carry out various activities to ensure smooth operation.

2. Detailed follow-up consultation on multifunctional system software

At end of warranty period, it is necessary to perform a full check of functionality of entire system. Potential security threats and issues identified during inspection process were promptly troubleshooted and restored. Only thanks to this, one can deeply feel need for systemic multifunctional support to eliminate hidden dangers in operation of equipment.

3. Maintain machine environment

A good natural environment helps to increase service life of machines and equipment and reduce operating and maintenance costs. Environmental factors include temperature, ambient humidity, dust, operating voltage, etc., mainly including following aspects:

If there is a lot of dust on surface of any large equipment, it is planned to start cleaning;

2) The electrical system also provides insulation layer detection and earth resistance testing routinely, and replaces fragile cables;

3) Camera lenses and information signals that directly affect operation of monitoring system must be cleaned in time;

5) Maximize some spare parts to reduce equipment maintenance time.

4. Increasing accuracy of materials

Therefore, equipment maintenance standards are constantly improving, and in future equipment maintenance, we will actively review equipment cable continuation and comparison materials, not only for purpose of loss, falling off, illegible handwriting, etc. constant adjustment of cable requiresupdating markings and drawings, at same time, through this work, after-sales engineer can have a clearer and deeper understanding of stages and continuation of system information, which is very helpful for quick troubleshooting.

Continue to support and improve this line of work, including:

1) Take centralized control system as basis, simulate security monitoring system pattern, and relabel equipment, connection methods and cable marking in control cabinet, including external equipment binding, lighting and other functions Part management;

2) For some content that has just been optimized and will be adjusted, create system software materials in a timely manner and organize files in a timely manner;

5. Improve security concept of finding hidden dangers by actively and clearly putting forward solutions and proposals

Security threats are everywhere. Actively looking for security threats is primary responsibility of maintenance and management. This is same as highest priority of above four tasks, but only this can improve maintenance performance of equipment to one. new aspect ratio.

6. Increase number of security checks

Safety testing is a smart way to ensure and prevent common problems. Expanding range of safety checks is most important maintenance task this year