May 04, 2023

Famous actresses all over world have been caught by AV, and all because of AI ​​face swap, do you still dare ZAO?

In ancient times, skin was painted, and now face is changing. Over past two days, screen has been replaced by AI. Recently, a face swap program called Fengmianzhuoxi became popular overnight. With this program, users can swap celebrity faces and play with their favorite idols with just one face photo. It really makes me wait. The general public is addicted to drama.

However, with popularity of software, privacy, portrait rights and other issues that may be associated with it have also been discovered one by one.

Disclosure of personal privacy

When using this "face changer" software, you first need to use your mobile number's dynamic verification code to verify and log in. Changing face requires various checks, such as blinking and lifting head, which is similar to face information collected when paying by swiping face.

Some netizens have stated that once their information is leaked, it will be used by people with intentions ranging from outright fraud to criminals stealing their own property, which is like pulling something out of a bag.

While Alipay has stood up and stated that chance of account fraud is extremely low and will pay full amount through insurance company, it still feels insecure. Just in case, a hundred thousandth of what happens to him is 100%, who is ready to take such a risk? After all, data breach incident is still relevant.

Portrait infringement

Before, there was face swap software that changed Yang Mi's face to Huang Rong's face, and there was also an AI-synthesized video of Obama's speech, all of which violated my rights to portrait.

This popular software also infringes copyright. According to user agreement of this software, photos uploaded by users cannot be canceled and can even be edited by others.

Famous actresses all over world have been caught by AV, and all because of AI ​​face swap, do you still dare ZAO?

Did I sell you rights to portrait? Why irrevocably? This is a clear violation of our portrait rights.

Think about it, who knows if person using your photo is a pervert, and who knows what they're doing with your photo? After all, AI face changing has even been used to create obscene videos.

AI face swap used to create obscene videos

Face-changing artificial intelligence technology has caught public's attention because it has previously been used to film obscene videos. A number of foreign media outlets report that "Deepfake" and "DeepNude" have sparked heated discussions abroad. According to a New York Times report, more and more people in US are using this technology to create pornographic celebrity videos. .

Think about how you suddenly appear in some inexplicable little movie?

Famous actresses all over world have been caught by AV, and all because of AI ​​face swap, do you still dare ZAO?

Some criminals are even using it as a way to make a profit to sell online and clearly price lewd videos of celebrities who have implemented AI-assisted face-swapping technology. Packed and sold over 700 videos for only 150 yuan. Such behavior is a crime.

AI really wants to change faces, so I'd like to remind everyone here:The more selfies you upload online, higher risk of being replaced as main character. Keep the selfie.

Famous actresses all over world have been caught by AV, and all because of AI ​​face swap, do you still dare ZAO?

Although this face changing software has responded to current concerns of netizens by stating that it will not reveal privacy, is public really relieved? I'm afraid not.

With development of facial recognition technology, facial recognition has become everywhere, even when you take out trash and even when you go to toilet. Is it really necessary? Where is information collected by facial recognition located? Will there be a leak?

Technology is a double-edged sword that not only brings convenience to our lives, but also challenges our privacy and security. How to protect your privacy and security is a social issue. Relevant laws and regulations are adopted in country, various platforms and sites adhere to their point of view, we personally protect our privacy, only way it can be effective.