May 02, 2023

Are smart plugs that come standard in modern homes really useful?

Are smart plugs that come standard in modern homes really useful?

The smart home is increasingly becoming standard configuration of more and more families, and as entry-level device of smart home, smart plug, which powers key components of all electrical equipment using advanced communication and networking technologies, will become connected to home. Subsystems are organically linked to each other. with a friend.

The smart plug is already a relatively mature smart home product. It is different from previous outlet. In addition to power interface, it also has a USB interface and a WIFI connection device inside, allowing users to control home appliances through a variety of intelligent methods and open remote control. A new era of home appliance smart life.

Are smart plugs that come standard in modern homes really useful?

What is use of a smart plug?

Firstly, a smart plug performs same functions as a traditional plug and can act as a charger for household appliances and mobile digital devices. interfaces can be controlled separately with a switch. The smart plug is equipped with a charging protection function that automatically turns off power when device is fully charged.

Secondly, smart plugs can set timers for household appliances, which not only saves electricity and money, but also saves users time. We set time to turn on bread machine, coffee machine, egg cooker, etc., so that a delicious breakfast is waiting for us when we wake up in morning.

Are smart plugs that come standard in modern homes really useful?

Third, smart plugs can remotely control TVs, curtains, stereos, garages, etc. using mobile apps such as WeChat. APP remote control of mobile device should be biggest function of smart plug, and part of development and progress of smart home system in future. At present, smart plug can only realize part of function of human-computer interaction. With mobile app tools, users can easily move their fingers to perform operations such as turning on air conditioners, electric kettles and rice cookers, no matter how far away they are.

Fourthly, smart plugs have built-in sensors that can monitor data such as light, temperature, humidity and household energy consumption in environment.

Fifth, smart plug can also use wireless module in plug as a relay to boost WIFI signal. In addition, at night, smart plug can also act as a night light, providing lighting for bedroom and other rooms.

Which household appliances are suitable for smart sockets

Smart sockets have powerful features. In addition to serving as chargers for household appliances and mobile digital devices like traditional sockets, they can also be applied to many smart home appliances and perform more powerful functions. So, what kind of technology are smart sockets suitable for?

Are smart plugs that come standard in modern homes really useful?

1. Kitchen appliances

Electric kettles, rice cookers, toasters, coffee machines, egg cookers, etc., you can apply smart plugs to these appliances, and then set time to turn on these appliances so that we have a delicious breakfast waiting for us when we wake up in morning.

2. Household appliances

Air conditioners, TVs, curtains, stereos, garages, etc., smart plugs can be used on these home appliances and can be remotely controlled using a mobile app. For example, bear children watch TV at home and indulge in computer games for a long time, etc., they can turn off TV and computer using remote control.

In general, functionality of smart sockets is very powerful. As for what devices are suitable for smart sockets, there are many other devices besides above. All in all, smart plug is very functional and practical, and it is a plug that meets the needs of modern life.