April 29, 2023

Excellent monitoring system design scheme, these eight points are indispensable

A good CCTV engineering design plan is an important factor in winning list, but it takes hard work to write a CCTV engineering design plan that impresses customers. Today I would like to share with you key points of an excellent monitoring design plan.

Excellent monitoring system design scheme, these eight points are indispensable

01. Introduce a monitoring system

The characteristics of implemented monitoring system should be briefly introduced, so that customers can understand what are benefits of monitoring system after implementation, operation process of main components of monitoring system, functions and functions of monitoring system, The above parts should be combined with monitoring system topology network diagram, when presenting security products, images are followed first by detailed parameters of security products.

02. Company profile and qualification certificate

The company profile should highlight company's strengths in security monitoring, and demonstrate company's strength and expertise to customers by making full use of its strengths and working around weaknesses, and a description of a business philosophy that customers agree with.

There must be multiple qualifying certificates. Clients don't necessarily require any certificates from you, but clients are used to it. Certificates must be in any plan. It is best to attach a copy on back of plan, including color pages that appear thick.

03. Track project planning and construction details

Before drawing up a plan, you should conduct a thorough on-site inspection of construction site, clearly describe these features and provide photographs. With a thorough plan, customer will appreciate how professional, standardized, and capable you are. During construction period, there should be a place for yourself, so that in which case it can be completed on time.

04. Design principles and basic design specifications

When explaining principles of building a monitoring system, it is necessary to start from point of view of customer and focus on it. Since customers have different orientations when choosing, some value quality, some value advanced features, some value powerful features, and some value performance, so you must match what you like when describing.

The basis of design is often some standard names, you may not understand what's going on, but still list them to show authority and norms.

05. List of typical clients and sample projects

The more lists of typical clients, better. If yours is not enough, you can borrow a list of customers from manufacturer. If client is a client in a particular industry, names of other clients in that industry should be prominently displayed.

The sample project is best displayed according to customer's configuration. If customer is a large-scale monitoring system, sample design should be large. If customer is a small monitoring system, sample project should be large or small, let customer produce it, because you can do large-scale monitoring.ng, it shouldn't be a problem for me to make my small monitoring system, Don "Don't let customer produce it. Are you doing large scale monitoring? You can't do small monitoring well instead."

06. List and price of monitoring system equipment

The list of monitoring system equipment should be detailed: each item, why to use, how much to use should be clearly stated, don't try to tell more configurations or fool around, if you are honest, customers will trust you. more.

The price may be higher depending on customer's consumption habits. Don't set your price too high. Too high a price will scare buyer. In addition, other costs such as construction costs and consumables must be taken into account, and a reasonable budget must be drawn up.

07. Design and configuration of special system equipment

According to specific situation of client, system configuration should be targeted, and equipment in computer room, interface of equipment and interface with other systems should be detailed, so that client can feel that you have made a very detailed design for project, and should be system structure diagram. Not too detailed, just give customer general structure.

08. System scalability

The plan should include a defined planning range for future product expansion so that customers can understand features of equipment that will be installed in near future and what equipment needs to be configured to achieve those results. functions. And explain current technical state of system in industry.