April 28, 2023

It's too hard to quote in security industry: if you say 5000, someone else will say 4500.

It's too hard to quote in security industry: if you say 5000, someone else will say 4500.

Some people always complain that security industry is difficult, competition is high, and pay is low. But in today's market, with no background, how can there be any industry that makes money casually? 360 lines, each line is a champion. Even if you don't have ambition of becoming a champion, if you find right path and work hard, you are bound to achieve something. As saying goes, there is no industry that doesn't make money, there are people who don't make money.

It's too hard to quote in security industry: if you say 5000, someone else will say 4500.

If you want to get a security project, first problem is proposal. The price will always be lower than price you specify, and some of them will be higher than price you specify. If gross margin of a security project is less than 20%, that project is considered awarded. It doesn't make sense anymore.

Profit is not enough, what about further maintenance? What can be said about cost of labor and energy? What should I do if I am in arrears in paying for project? So proposal is worth studying in detail. For a project, users are most concerned about two things: price and quality. When there is no price advantage, quality is real guarantee of a project.

For example:

For a small project with 8 cameras, you called 5,000 yuan, and customer said that other people called 4,500 yuan, what should I do?

If it's true that client's family didn't pay you 5,000 yuan, then that's client's reason.

If value of a client's home exceeds RMB 5,000 and price cannot be negotiated, that is our own reason.

Why do you say that?

Firstly, you didn't explain to customer why you want 5,000 yuan for this project.

Secondly, you didn't clearly tell buyer difference between your 5,000 yuan and 4,500 yuan given by others.

Third, I didn't tell buyer that there was an advantage of 5,000 yuan.

Fourthly, customers cannot agree that practice of 5000 yuan is indeed much better than practice of 4500 yuan.

Everything is made by human hands. If client agrees that your 5,000 yuan is better than his 4,500 yuan, it will be easy to tell.

It's too hard to quote in security industry: if you say 5000, someone else will say 4500.

First of all, you must specify problem and inform client of current situation. It's not that client doesn't want to pay 5,000 yuan, but that he doesn't see difference between 5,000 yuan and 4,500 yuan. How do you give customer a choice? ?Customers will definitely choose cheapest without even knowing it, and no one will use it.

In most cases, if price is not too low, client will definitely choose it. Who needs a few hundred yuan? If you clearly explain situation to customer, and customer agrees that your effect is good, but if it’s a little more expensive, then likelihood that customer will choose you is much higher, I can’t say 100%, at least until these are same customers who are extremely concerned about a few hundred yuan. If so, be sure to choose a good one.

Some people say that even if some clients agree with your effect, what should I do if they still think it's expensive? At this time, if you give a small discount and place an order for a high-level customer, order can be completed.

In fact, security industry has a pronounced service character. If you want to find your own profit base, you must first find your own position. It is not only to explore by yourself, but also to spend some money with help of outside forces. Once you find your own position on various engineering projects, big and small, you will have fewer citation issues on your main projects.