April 28, 2023

Common malfunctions of smart parking system are easily fixed with just ten tricks.

In recent years, due to continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more people own personal cars. While enjoying the convenience of transportation, they also face many challenges.

For example, parking is difficult and chaotic in many communities, and conflicts arise from time to time, such as traffic jams, space grabs, and scratches. To solve these problems, many communities have installed smart parking systems.

Intelligent parking management system

Common malfunctions of smart parking system are easily fixed with just ten tricks.

The intelligent parking management system applies license plate recognition technology to automatically read vehicle information when vehicle enters city, captures vehicle dynamics in city, and calls up vehicle information at any time in case of an emergency.

Installing community parking signposts can quickly guide car owners to nearest free parking space, avoiding chaotic parking situations such as driveways and convenience parking spaces, and effectively solve problem of complex parking in community.

There are also some issues with using parking management system. The following are common malfunctions and solutions of parking system for reference only during maintenance.

1. Entrance control machine: when car is pressed into detection zone, call button and ticket button are off, and there is no voice prompt

A. Check if MCU is working;

B. Does sensor detect;

C. Check if there are any problems with optical connector;

D. Is there a problem with ticket light bulb wiring?

2. License plate recognition: Recorded license plate is not recognized

A. Image is fuzzy

The difficulty of locating license plate is mainly due to collected images due to variety of collected license plate images and influence of many factors when collecting images, such as rainy days, heavy fog, light, etc. , there are some image qualities of license plate sign. There are various degrees of difference.

In this case, recognition results can only be satisfactory when image is in focus. Then there are certain requirements for light-sensitive parts of parking system, and some video camera settings need to be improved. Check if video settings are not normal (the settings are OK), monitor resolution, color desktop size setting.

B. License plate damaged or stained

In actual process of application on highways and cities, it is difficult to guarantee that license plates involved will not be painted. After several years of use, dirt and wear will inevitably appear on license plates.

For such situations, many smart parking systems have gradually solved this problem, but if it is too serious, you have to rely on manual work.

Common malfunctions of smart parking system are easily fixed with just ten tricks.

3. The barrier does not open: plate recognition passes, barrier does not open

A. Check if opening terminal is securely connected;

B. Check if there is a switch output on gate opening terminal, if not, barrier control relay is broken, and replace control machine control board;

C. If gate still does not open, check if it is blocked.

4. No LED on display screen

A. Check if power supply of LED B is OK. Check if LED chip is OK.

5. No voice prompts

A. Check voice chip B. Check potentiometer.

6. The gate moves up and down or turns its head frequently

A. Check limit switch B. Check CPU C. Check limit switch D. Check power switch.

7. Cars cannot drive out of gate

Possible reasons:

①The ground induction coil is not buried properly, or coil is damaged or broken;

②Insufficient power supply of vehicle detector (max. 250mA) or sensor sensitivity not properly adjusted (too high or too low);

③ The "COM" terminal of ground sensor is disconnected from common ground terminal "GND" of barrier controller or has poor contact.

Common malfunctions of smart parking system are easily fixed with just ten tricks.

8. Click 〖Open gate〗on software monitoring interface, gate will not open, but you can open it manually using button

Possible reasons:

①The "Control Switch" in card reader is not short-circuited (it is disabled at factory and is in a stand-alone working state. When it is connected to a computer for network control, it must be short-circuited). connected and online);

②The computer and card reader cannot communicate normally, and controller cannot receive command to open gate. (Check if computer's serial port is connected properly and settings are correct)

9. The computer is unstable, system often makes mistakes, it is easy to break down when working with software

A. Reinstall your operating system.

B. Whether processor fan is broken and whether temperature in case is normal.

C. Check if there are too many vehicle records in computer.

10. The computer network is unstable, disconnects from time to time

A.Is RJ-4S head damaged

Is B.HUB power supply stable

C. Have network card settings been changed