April 26, 2023

Nine Common Switch Networking Mistakes You Can Fix in One Step

A switch is a network device for transmitting electrical signals. It can provide an exclusive electrical signal path for any two network nodes connected to switch. The most common switches are Ethernet switches. Other common ones are telephone voice switches, fiber optic switches, etc.

Nine Common Switch Networking Mistakes You Can Fix in One Step

There may be some failures when connecting Switch to network. Today, I will share common switch failures and solutions with you.

01, 5-port switches can only use 4 ports

The chips of switches and hubs are usually ×4 in size, so most hub ports are 4 ports, 8 ports, 16 ports, 24 ports, etc. If you make it 5 ports, 3 modules will be wasted, which will increase cost . Replace 4-port switch with an 8-port one to resolve issue.

02. The network cannot communicate when switch is just turned on

If you need to get data quickly after switching on switch, you can disable spanning tree protocol or set port to PortFast mode. However, it should be noted that, although port discovery process is omitted in these two methods, after creating a topological ring between network devices, network communication will be paralyzed.

03. COL indicator is always on or flashing continuously, communication cannot be realized

A lot of conflicts can be caused by a failed hub or network card. Under normal circumstances, chance of a network card failure is relatively small, so focus on fixing hub. Replaced hub and network returned to normal.

04. After switching to a gigabit network, connection to server is interrupted

Given that performance of a five-category wiring system may not meet requirements of a gigabit network system, problem is resolved after replacing it with six-category wiring.

05. The link indicator keeps flashing and network speed is slow.

Worms are main cause of network downtime. Update system patch for server in time, and install network version of virus scanning and killing software, and update virus database for server in time. After installing anti-virus client program on server, problem is resolved.

06. Unable to assign permissions to users

First, specify NTFS permissions for users, and then specify permissions for shared folders. For example, you need to create a TESTA shared folder for user A so that shared folder can be fully controlled by user A and accessible by any other user. First you need to set TESTA permissions and specify "full control" for user A. And set "read-only" permissions for set same when setting permissions for shared folder.

07. Shared folders cannot be displayed in network environment

Remove "$" character after name of shared file, and a shared file that cannot be displayed may appear in My Network Places.

08. Hub and router cannot share internet

From point of view of failure phenomenon, computer connected to hub cannot ping either router or other computers, previouslyit is determined that connection between computer and hub is faulty. At this time, you can try to replace network cable first. If problem still cannot be fixed, you can replace hub to solve it.

09. IP Address Conflict

Because MAC address of a network card is unique, you can ask your network administrator to find computer that is in conflict with you using MAC address and change IP address. Use "IPCONFIG /ALL" command to view computer's IP address and MAC address. Finally, use "ARP -S IP Address, NIC Physical Address" command to associate this legal IP address with your NIC's MAC address.

If you want to become a switch master, you still need to accumulate more experience in daily work and analyze specific problems.