April 23, 2023

Smart Home Security Vulnerabilities Discovered, These 11 Tips Will Teach You How to Hack Them

With rapid development of artificial intelligence technology and Internet of Things in my country, some home appliances are gradually developing in direction of intelligence, which is conducive to emergence of smart home industry in my country, and scale of market continues to expand.

Smart devices such as smart home appliances, smart speakers, smart cameras and smart door locks are slowly making their way into our daily lives. While they bring us convenience, they also pose certain security risks.

Smart home also has loopholes, what should we do when we use it?

Smart camera becomes live stream Smart Home Security Vulnerabilities Discovered, These 11 Tips Will Teach You How to Hack Them

Worrying about safety of elderly and children at home, as well as fear of being stolen when going out, buy a smart camera and install it with your mobile phone.

However, security camera becomes an artifact for voyeurs! Offenders break into monitoring system, monitor our lives through cameras for no reason, and even sell our private videos for a price.

Safety Tips

1. Be sure to choose regular channels to buy branded cameras and avoid buying products with three "no's".

2. Raise awareness of privacy information protection, pay attention to and prevent risk of user information leakage, carefully study manufacturer's requirements for collection, storage and use of user information, and make purchase and selection decisions based on your actual situation. and wishes.

3. When using it, you should actively change smart camera's default password in time. The password setting should have a certain complexity and be changed regularly.

4. Keep operating system version of smart camera and related mobile applications updated in a timely manner. Stop use immediately if any abnormalities are found and inform manufacturer while waiting for manufacturer to correct the problem.

Unreliable smart door lock Smart Home Security Vulnerabilities Discovered, These 11 Tips Will Teach You How to Hack Them

Compared to traditional mechanical locks, smart locks are more intelligent in terms of user identification, security and management.

However, current market is chaotic and does not have uniform security standards. From “little black box” in 2018, to supervisory bureau advising consumers to avoid using certain features, to Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Consumer Association in April 2019, security issues of smart locks have repeatedly come to fore.

Safety Tips

1. Choose a big brand

Currently, smart door lock industry is mixed with fish and dragons. For majority of consumers who do not understand industry, we are better off choosing a reliable big brand. Assuring quality, after-sales service of big brands is relatively complete.

2. Choose real intelligence

Fingerprint locks, induction locks, combination locks... they're not smart locks. In simple terms, what can be called a smart lock has an APP. For example, all operations need to be performed by opening mobile APP with one click, and protection information can be updated in real time, so we need to see clearly before choosing.

3. Security standards

Smart door locks can protect against thieves very well, but we must also consider protection against hackers. Therefore, the smart lock platform must be secure, such as those using military encryption and decryption standards.

Smart speakers become privacy collectors Smart Home Security Vulnerabilities Discovered, These 11 Tips Will Teach You How to Hack Them

The reason why a smart speaker is smart is that in addition to most basic music playback function, it can also perform voice interaction such as querying weather forecast, searching for movies, and even become a smart home control center to control other devices . Houses.

While smart speakers are very convenient, they also come with many security risks. For example, when a person interacts with a computer, it will store audio clips remotely, and this data may be stored on a server. Hackers can use this loophole to steal data from smart speakers and steal our personal information.

Safety Tips

1. Update your password

When setting a password, use a combination of symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and so on to increase difficulty of cracking password.

2. Delete voice memos periodically

Regularly clear interactive information between us and smart speakers to protect our privacy. While this may affect our personal settings, it cannot be denied that this is a good way to increase safety factor of smart speakers.

Unintelligent intelligent cat eye Smart Home Security Vulnerabilities Discovered, These 11 Tips Will Teach You How to Hack Them

Unlike traditional peepholes of past, smart peepholes are no longer just for monitoring situation outside door. Smart eyes are equipped with infrared monitoring of human body and begin to actively detect abnormalities outside door. Smart Maoyan will automatically alarm and send information to user's mobile phone to replace passive protection with active detection.

But what's worrying is that there are a few cat eyes on market today with clever slogans, but they're not as good as traditional cat eyes in actual use.

Safety Tips

1. Choose smart cat eye with good electronic signal

Smart Maoyan requires a network connection, so signal must be good. It is very important to choose a smart cat eye with a good electronic signal. In addition, editors suggest that distance between router and cat's eye should not exceed 10 meters.

2. Buy a smart cat eye with a high resolution camera

The smart cat's eye can be sent back to user's mobile phone while taking pictures. In order to ensure image clarity, it is better to choose a smart cat eye with a large number of pixels.

The development of everything will not happen overnight, and smart home is no exception. As we enter 5G era, we have reason to believe that today's cutting-edge technology will make smart homes more intelligent and personalized.

For consumption, do not throw food away due to suffocation. Pay attention to the brand when buying, pay attention to protecting personal privacy when using it, and change your password regularly.