April 22, 2023

13 smart lock care tips, learn how to use your lock for another 5 years

As people become increasingly concerned about security, almost every home has switched to smart locks. However, after being used for a certain period of time, some smart locks will have problems such as unrecognizability and slow reading. In fact, if we pay attention to maintenance of smart locks in our daily lives, these problems can be avoided and even extend life of lock.

Today, I'm going to share some smart lock maintenance tips with you.

13 smart lock care tips, learn how to use your lock for another 5 years
01. Change battery promptly

1. Open battery cover regularly to check battery to ensure that battery fluid does not corrode fingerprint lock circuit board.

2. Humid air is a danger to any household appliances, please check and maintain them in a timely manner, and use them correctly.

3. If battery has oxidized, replace it with a good quality new battery.

02. Maintaining appearance of lock

1. The appearance of smart lock body is mainly made of metal, such as aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, copper, etc. In daily use, do not allow surface of lock body to come into contact with corrosive substances such as acidic substances, so as not to damage external protective layer of lock body and not affect aesthetics of lock body.

2. Wipe and clean regularly to prevent lock body from being in a humid (rain) environment for a long time.

13 smart lock care tips, learn how to use your lock for another 5 years
03. Lock body care

1. When closing door, it is best to hold handle, screw bolt into lock body and release after closing door. Do not hit door hard, otherwise life of lock will be reduced.

2. Regularly check appropriate gap between lock body and strike plate, whether height of bolt and hole in strike plate is appropriate, and gap between door and door frame is 1.5-2.5mm. . If any changes are found, adjust position of hinge or striker on door. At same time, pay attention to cold shrinkage and thermal expansion caused by weather (wet in spring and dry in winter) to ensure a reasonable gap between door and door frame, lock body and lock plate, so as to ensure smooth use of lock.

3. When main bolt or safety bolt protrudes from door, do not hit it hard to avoid damaging bolt and door frame.

4. Since sealing strip installed between door body and door frame has a resilient force, when lock is tightened, you can push or pull door by hand while opening door to overcome resilience force. turn handle firmly so as not to damage handle.

13 smart lock care tips, learn how to use your lock for another 5 years

5. Before you go out or go to bed, do not think that everything will be fine if there are people at home, and do not lock door, thieves will not look if there are people in your house. Be sure to lock anti-theft door to play real role of smart locks and protect our property and life safety.

6. Always keep lubricant in transmission part of lock body to keep transmission running smoothly and prolong its life. It is recommended to check once every half a year or a year, and at same time check if fixing screws are not loosened to ensure fastening.

7. Do not expose lock cylinder to rain or water because there are small springs inside that will rust and become inflexible.

8. When user uses a replacement smart lock key, newly replaced lock cylinder may not insert smoothly after 2-3 months of use. Many consumers will think that there is a quality problem with lock cylinder. In fact, this is a normal phenomenon. When problem is first detected, you can add a little graphite powder (pencil powder) to keyhole for lubrication. Do not add any oily substances as lubricants to prevent lubricant from sticking to pin spring and preventing lock head from rotating.

Proper maintenance can make our smart lock a really important personal security protection and can also be used for a longer period of time.