April 15, 2023

With just these eight steps, it's easy to install a small CCTV system.

At present, many users have bought security cameras but don't know how to install them, especially some home users who don't have many cameras. , Unprofitable to give too much. Today I will teach you how to install a security camera. Actually, it's only eight steps. Installing a small video surveillance system is a very simple job, even a beginner without basic knowledge can install it.

With just these eight steps, it's easy to install a small CCTV system.

First of all, you need to buy a camera. It is best to buy products from reputable manufacturers. The performance of product is guaranteed, and it also has advantages of high sensitivity, anti-reflective coating, small distortion, small size, long life and anti-vibration.

Buy equipment for work: camera, computer (or VCR with hard disk), video cable (good shielding), power cord.

Eight steps to easily install your home video camera:

1. Choose a place to install camera

This should be chosen according to needs of scene and situation, and others cannot help you. Take out surveillance camera bracket and prepare tools and parts: dowels, screws, screwdrivers, hammers, electric drills and other necessary tools; check size and model of plugs and screws according to predetermined installation position, and try bracket. Whether screw and screw port of camera base fit, whether pre-embedded piping interface is well handled, and whether test cable passes smoothly, enter setup program when you are ready. Provided that requirements of field of view of monitoring object are met, height of its installation should be at least 2.5 m indoors and 3.5 m outdoors.

2. Installation of a surveillance camera

According to pre-determined lens model and specifications, install lens carefully (the built-in infrared camera does not need to mount a lens), be careful not to touch CCD (sensor) of lens with your hands after making sure that it is firmly fixed, turn on power and connect to host. Or use a monitor, small TV, etc. to adjust iris focal length on spot.

3. Fixed surveillance cameras

Take out tools such as brackets, dowels, screws, screwdrivers, small hammers, electric drills, etc., and install brackets according to predetermined positions. Once secure, mount camera in agreed direction.

With just these eight steps, it's easy to install a small CCTV system.

4. Attaching Camera Cover

If you need to install shroud, install shroud from here after second step. 1. Open top cover and back baffle of protective cover 2. Pull out fixed metal sheet and fix camera 3. Insert power adapter into protective cover 4. Put top cover and back baffle back in place, straighten out cables, fixed, installed on bracket.

5. Install BNC head or aviation camera head

Insert soldered BNC plug of video cable into video cable jack and make sure it is secure. Surveillance cameras and their supporting devices, such as lenses, protective covers, brackets, wipers, etc., must be firmly installed, flexible in operation, protected from damage and coordinated with environment.

6. Connect to a power source

Insert output plug of power adapter into power socket of surveillance camera and make sure it is secure. In environment of strong electromagnetic interference, installation of surveillance camera should be isolated from ground.

7. Connect to video hosting

Connect other end of cable to control panel or monitor (TV) and make sure it is secure.

With just these eight steps, it's easy to install a small CCTV system.

8. Set camera to optimal position

Connect power supply of monitoring host and camera, and adjust camera angle within specified range using monitor. In addition, installation of all control, display, recording and other terminal equipment of surveillance cameras must be stable and easy to operate. Among them, monitor (screen) should avoid direct exposure to external light, and when it is unavoidable, opaque measures should be taken. The equipment installed in console and cabinet (frame) must have ventilation and heat dissipation measures, and internal connectors must be firmly connected to equipment.

Installing a CCTV Camera After completing above eight steps, a simple analog CCTV system is ready. Customers who have no installation experience and those who are new to security do not need to worry and be afraid. If installation according to above steps does not display normally, please check if there is a wiring problem first. If image seems blurry, there may be wiring is wrong. If we are talking about an explosion-proof video surveillance system, then it is best to install it by professional engineering personnel, and you cannot save on this money. Compared with explosion-proof video surveillance, it refers to a safe production environment, so you can not joke at will, otherwise who will deal with it if an accident occurs. The above experience and steps to install a surveillance camera are limited to installing a home and some small surveillance systems.