April 14, 2023

Maintenance and management of security monitoring system

1. Maintenance and management of security monitoring system

1. Security monitoring system maintenance

1) In order to do a good job of maintaining monitoring equipment, it is necessary to monitor, maintain and manage monitoring system daily, and perform maintenance and repair work on equipment to ensure a long service life. -long, reliable and efficient operation of monitoring system.

2) In maintenance process of monitoring system equipment, some situations should be prevented, and equipment can be operated as normally as possible. For various monitoring system collection equipment, it is necessary to focus on moisture-proof, dust-proof and anti-corrosion maintenance work.

3) Dust and clean monitoring equipment regularly, dust off monitoring equipment, remove camera, protective case and other components, and blow off dust thoroughly, and then wipe each lens with cotton dipped in anhydrous alcohol so that adjustment is free To prevent dust from entering body of control equipment due to factors such as machine operation and static electricity, to ensure normal operation of machine. At same time, check and control ventilation, heat dissipation, dust removal, power supply and other objects in observation room.

4) Once a month, conduct a comprehensive inspection of monitoring equipment components that are prone to aging, if aging is detected, they should be replaced and repaired in a timely manner, such as video heads.

5) As for dust-absorbing part of security surveillance system, clean it regularly every quarter. If monitor is exposed to air, due to electrostatic effect of screen, a lot of dust will be adsorbed on surface of monitor, which will affect clarity of image. , Wipe monitor regularly and check color and brightness of monitor.

6) Regularly maintain monitoring equipment that works for a long time, once a month. For example, a hard disk recorder will generate more heat if it is used for a long time.

7) Control operation of monitoring system and equipment, analyze work, timely find and eliminate faults.

Maintenance and management of security monitoring system

2. Implementation standards for maintaining a security monitoring system

1) Console

a. Each control device works normally and can perform switching and stationary machine, scan monitoring, etc.;

b. The operating keyboard is versatile and reliable;

c. The power lock switch is in good condition.

2) Show

a. The monitors on each display screen are complete, in good condition, with clear images that meet design requirements;

b. The connection of each display is clear, there is no accidental connection;

c. The monitor is installed firmly and securely.

3) Power supply

a. Regulated AC power supply works fine and stable;

b. The fuse configuration of each output circuit is reasonable and there is no abnormal behavior;

c. The power supply is strictly separated, AC and DC power supplies are clearly separated, and there is no accidental wiring;

d. Switching dual power supply is reliable and normal;

e.Equipment ground protection and protection are safe and reliable.

4) Camera

a. Each camera is working fine and number of configurations is complete;

b. A zoom camera should be adjustable and meet performance requirements;

c. The protective cover of each camera must be complete (especially outdoor type);

d. The aperture of each camera lens is set correctly so that image is clear and meets design requirements.

5) VCR

a. The equipped VCR is complete, has good performance and meets performance requirements;

b.The signals of each surveillance camera can be switched to DVR for recording (including switching to backup DVR).

6) Security anti-theft system

①The intercom in elevator can communicate with fire control center;

②Electronic anti-theft door

a. The door closer switch is flexible, and second gear stroke is crisp, and door is locked when it automatically closes;

b. The electronic password is locked and password can be changed;

c. The keyboard is not damaged or leaking;

d, power supply OK;

e. Equipment grounding complies with regulations.

7) Building monitoring system

①UPS emergency power supply

a. The output voltage data corresponds to specified value of equipment;

b. Moderate power supply, no overloads and proper fuse matching;

c. The backup power supply is normal, battery capacity is sufficient, can withstand specified time, switching is fast and reliable;

d. Grounding protection complies with regulations;

e, each contact is reliable, without oxidation;

f, appearance is clean.

②I/O controller

a. Electrical contacts are securely connected;

b. Each electrical board is free of dust and oxidation;

c, input/output is correct;

③Each actuator (solenoid valve, air valve, converter, etc.)

a. The action is correct and reliable;

b. Mechanical parts are clean, free of dust and oxidation;

c, temperature, pressure, flow sensor, data signal is correct, etc., surface is free of dust and oxidation.

3. Security Monitoring System Equipment Maintenance Precautions

In process of maintaining equipment of security monitoring system, in some situations protection from moisture, dust, corrosion, lightning and interference is required.

1) Moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion

For various monitoring system collection equipment, since equipment is directly in dust, moisture-proof ability of equipment itself can be improved. - problem of protection in rooms with high humidity.

2) Lightning and interference protection

In process of maintenance of monitoring equipment, it is necessary to pay great attention to problem of lightning protection. Lightning protection measures basically should work well in lightning protection grounding network for equipment grounding. Independent comprehensive grounding network with grounding resistance less than 1 ohm should be prepared according to equipotential case plan, to prevent lightning protection grounding of low-current system and lightning protection grounding electric network . The practice of mixing together to prevent interference from power ground network interfering with equipment operation.

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