April 11, 2023

Nine visa skills to master at construction site, construction team recommends collecting!

Nine visa skills to master at construction site, construction team recommends collecting!

The site visa is not included in construction contract and drawings, nor does it have specific procedures and formalities such as project change documents. During construction of engineering projects, there will inevitably be engineering volumes requiring visas. So, what should construction companies do to get project visas and get money without any problems? Be sure to pay attention to these nine tips!

1. Main contents of an exit visa

1. On-site economic visa includes:

(1) Sporadic employment. Work on a construction site that is not related to construction of main facility, such as transportation and demolition work in excess of a fixed cost.

(2) One-time projects.

(3) Additional items for temporary premises.

(4) Visa for hidden project.

(5) Untimely work, economic losses of personnel and equipment caused by shutdown of a non-construction facility. Such as water and power failures, insufficient or untimely materials from owner, changes in design drawings, etc.

(6) Price list of materials for negotiations. Compilation of calculated data provides that materials that allow calculation of difference in price of auction must be determined before start of construction.

(7) Other fees that require a visa.

2. Construction visas include: visas due to water and power cuts, construction delays caused by shutdown of non-construction facilities.

2. The Importance of an Exit Visa

The main basis for calculation of project are: construction contracts, tender documents, drawings, design changes, exit visas, quotas, compilation of stage data and other regulatory documents, and exit visas fix special costs. incurred at construction site in writing, directly related to vital interests of owner and construction organization and which are an important basis for settlements under project.

Especially for some projects that are not included in quotation, design changes and on-site visas are adjusted during calculation. Onsite visas are first-hand records of what happened onsite. By analyzing and verifying visa on spot, it can be used as a basis for handling claims and correctly calculating claims costs.

Third, current project visa issues

Issuing visas on spot is most controversial part of construction of project. The reason for problem is that construction market, on one hand, is not standardized, and parties involved in construction (including owner, supervisor and construction department) do not pay due attention to it. In general, there are several problems in following aspects:

1. For visa-free to be issued such as sporadic projects, disputewild employment, etc., they must be processed on time when this happens. Many owners during construction process are quite random, during construction process some details change for a long time, there is no design change, no site visit.

2. Some construction departments do not know what expenses require visas for, are not visa aware and carry out non-standard visas on spot.

Under normal circumstances, an on-site visa must be signed by owner, manager, and construction unit for it to take effect. If either party is missing, it is an irregular visa and cannot be used as a basis for settlement and claim.

3. Visas that break rules. Some on-site management personnel do not understand relevant construction cost provisions under contract, and some visas break rules. Such visas cannot be recognized

Fourth, an important task is to ensure security of visa application on spot

As a site manager, you must do following:

1. After reviewing contract, pay special attention to points relating to cost control. Because in many contracts, owner agrees to some special clauses in accordance with their conditions and requirements. For example, project requires that contract and visa on spot be signed by director in order for them to take effect, and on spot visa without signature of director cannot be used as a basis for settlements and claims.

2. Timely processing. On one hand, due to nature of engineering construction itself, many processes will be covered by next process, such as earthworks, and some will be demolished during construction, such as temporary facilities. On other hand, all parties involved in construction may change. Therefore, visas on spot must be signed one issue, one at a time, processed and reviewed in a timely manner, and visa fee verification form must be completed, fee must be calculated, reported to owner, and communicated with owner more, to be a good adviser for owner.

3. Strictly apply for visas, which is a duty that must be performed by construction managers. By using our professional knowledge and rigorous on-site visa analysis, visas that violate rules can be avoided. If a visa is required, a visa will be issued, and if a visa should not be issued, a visa will not be issued. He must have signature of a supervisory engineer, be familiar with quota and basic knowledge of relevant laws and regulations, and check whether visa is professionally reasonable and correct in order to avoid wasting energy and costs. in end.

Fifth, quantitative visa must comply with general principles

1. Filling out visas with payment of a fee should contribute to thea couple of prices and facilitate calculation. Pay attention to content that is filled in under different pricing modes:

(1) In presence of a visa adjustment agreement, content to be completed must correspond to agreed price level;

(2) If there is no visa agreement, price is calculated according to pricing terms of original contract or with reference to pricing method of original agreement.

(3) The visa method should comply as closely as possible with rules for calculating basis of assessment (eg quota).

2. Different types of contract visa content

(1) Managed price contracts must be signed as a minimum;

(2) In a fixed unit price contract, at least quantity and unit price must be signed;

(3) A fixed total price contract must specify at least quantity, price and commission;

(4) A contract with wages and remuneration must be signed at a minimum for work, materials (specify materials), equipment (mechanical shifts to resolve labor issues) and fees;

(5) Attach as many as possible if possible;

(6) The visa must also indicate value before or after taxes.

6. Visa Priority

1. If you can directly sign total price, it's better not to sign unit price;

2. If you can directly sign unit price, it is better not to sign project quantity;

3. It's better not to sign facts if you can directly sign results (including directly signing technical quantity);

4. If you can sign in text form, then it is better not to attach pictures;

Other content that needs to be filled in mainly includes: when, where and why; The content of work; organizational plan (manual, mechanical); engineering quantity (with quantity and calculation formula and drawings, if necessary); materials; description of visa must be objective and accurate, and covert visa must be based on drawings showing hidden parts, objects and processes, as well as workmanship.

If technical scope of hidden part on drawings is not clear, you must also indicate geometric dimensions and attach a sketch. In visa for object, in addition to design, time, place, reason, geometric dimensions or initial data must be indicated, and should not be general. Approve locally project scope and project cost.

Once visa is obtained, it must be processed in a timely manner in accordance with provisions of contract, and verification must strictly comply with national quota and relevant regulations.

Seven: what to do if Party A refuses

1. Before preparing a visa, you must first familiarize yourself with relevant provisions of contract and develop reasons for visa, based on key factors.prosov.

At same time, you should stand on other side's point of view to state reasons and list contents of visa, so that it is easy to obtain a visa, and make applicant feel that he should not take risk. Ready to accept and refuse.

2. If other party refuses a visa intentionally and unreasonably, in practice it can be sent to Party A in form of sending and receiving documents (ask general staff to process this).

It is not necessary to force Party A to sign visa form, but only to sign text of sending and receiving, so that nine can prove that we received document from our place. Even if Party A does not. sign visa form, visa will automatically take effect after statutory time has elapsed.

3. The content of project visa should be as detailed as possible, including reason for obtaining visa (including serial number of data), location, size, quantity, date, materials used, calculation method, unit of account. price, etc., and visa form must be attached. Original materials for this visa, such as technical approval form, design change, owner contact list, etc., otherwise Party A may not provide visa.

VIII. Notes on completing a project visa

1. The visa form should be detailed and concise, not vague, but allow reader to understand content of visa;

2. Visa Form Roughly speaking, Party B is evidence that Party B did something for Party A and asked Party A for money for unspecified additions or changes to contract, so Party B must account based on facts on spot, and cannot be omitted or exaggerate;

3. Party B must write down price when signing visa form and indicate quantity so that it can be seen immediately during audit!

The visa must state grounds (design changes, meeting minutes, etc.), calculation formula and description, unit price analysis, photographs, etc.;

4. According to construction contract, what is scope of visa should be clarified first, so as not to make a bad impression on construction unit or supervisory unit by applying for a visa in confusion, thinking that you are irresponsible to yourself and others. In many cases, when as calculation basis can be used design changes and engineering contact lists, visas cannot be re-applied, so as not to cause disgust to others, but visas must be applied when content of calculation cannot be reflected;

5. Avoid discrepancies between date of receipt of visa on spot and actual one. Many problems were caused by verbal agreement between two parties, and visa was not issued in a timely manner, and visa procedures were subsequently expedited, which violated provision that "the estimated price of any material on budget quota is limitedtime variation". . Some construction departments deliberately delay project scope and fuss around date of obtaining a visa in order to make unreasonable profits;

6. When applying for a visa for a unit price of materials, attention should be paid to clarifying what materials need to be submitted for a visa and how to do it well. should indicate whether purchase insurance fee and shipping fee are included, and there is no need to calculate damages to avoid settlement. When double counting, name, specification, manufacturer, unit price, time, etc. of material must be signed on visa;

7. Distinguish between direct expenses and items related only to taxes. During construction process, some uncalculated engineering volumes or special projects often arise, which are often settled with a specific amount agreed by both parties. The visa must state whether it is a direct fee or a tax-free fee because a direct fee may be charged and latter may only charge taxes;

8. Project visa time control: In principle, project visas are issued within 7 days after completion of respective project, and covert project visas are in principle completed before next process is built.

9. Four basic rules to follow for obtaining a visa on spot

(1) Organizational arrangements

When applying for a visa on spot, following issues should be well settled:

1.Exit visas must be signed by representatives of all parties (owners, controllers, builders, etc.) Sequential numbering.

2. It is necessary to clarify content, quantity, subject, reason, location, date, payment method, unit price, etc. of visa on spot.

3. The visa on site must be timely and not delayed until moment of settlement before applying for a visa. For some major on-site changes, it is necessary to take photos or videos in a timely manner to preserve original first-hand information.

(2) Technical measures

There are many technical measures, mainly focused on following links:

1. The visa on spot must be clear, otherwise it will leave hidden dangers for settlement. To increase or decrease size of project, specific data must be clear and concise; cost of measures incurred goes beyond building unit and evidence must be kept; if project risks involved are not within scope that contractor should consider, they should also be well prepared.

2. Hide engineering connection. In process of carrying out design of construction organization and control of construction plan, it is especially necessary to sign and confirm number of hidden works. The covert project visa refers to part of project that will be covered after construction is completed. If suchvisa materials are not available, it will be difficult to complete calculation. Therefore, special attention should be paid to keeping records of following aspects:

①Records of replacement of soil, material, depth and width of pit;

②Pile core filling depth;

③Records of foundation excavation and trench inspection, etc., visa must be valid and timely, and cannot be extended afterwards.

(3) Economic measures

During construction of a project, due to site changes, owner requirements, environmental changes, etc., there may be different types of visas that may result in a difference between actual cost of project and value of contract. This mainly includes breach of contract by owner, engineering changes caused by non-contractors, changes in engineering environment, and contract defects. Since this includes a wide range of projects, as well as various and complex projects, it is necessary to effectively understand relevant quotas and paperwork rules, especially strictly control scope and content of visas.

1. Appropriate visas to compensate for construction delays. Review conditions for establishing a claim in accordance with principles of claim procedure, clarify responsibilities, approve a valid claim, check visa and verify owner.

2. The approval of price per unit of materials is one of important factors affecting cost of project. When applying for a visa with a unit price of material, you should pay attention to clarify what materials need to be submitted for a visa and how to do it well; whether price per unit of material to be approved must include a material storage charge and a transportation charge. avoid double-calculation during calculation. Regarding unit price of visa materials, it is best for both parties to conduct market research together and truthfully sign material name, specification, manufacturer, unit price, time, etc.

(4) Contractual measures

Contract metrics focus on:

1. Strengthen guidance when signing contract. If main terms of contract are not clearly described in tender documents, especially project calculation method or price adjustment method, it is recommended to clarify following content in contract as much as possible:

①Additional principles for missing design elements;

②Principles and methods for calculating quantitative adjustment;

③Principles and methods for adjusting prices for materials;

④Content of risk prevention such as engineering insurance and performance guarantee;

⑤Principles and methods of pricing of complex unit price adjustment;

⑥Principles and scope of cost adjustments;

⑦Principles for adjusting impact of changes in construction period on total unit price, etc.;

2. In case of project changes or errors in builderIn other drawings, for example, when contractor has already begun construction, cutting, or procurement of materials, such visas only need to sign changed or corrected elements, and do not need to repeat visa if original drawings remain unchanged; When cutting or purchasing materials, you need to sign and clearly write name, specification, model, quantity, modification date, transportation status, arrival status, whether there is processing or replacement, etc.

3. Loss of downtime. Power and water outages caused by non-contractors exceed specified time range, resulting in losses due to work stoppage, material leasing, equipment leasing, etc. Within time specified in contract, start and end dates of outage, actual number of workers days and unit price working days, model, quantity, specification, unit price, etc. stopping equipment on site must be signed in writing, and a detailed list is provided; quota provision, how to determine it And compensation should be determined according to actual situation of different projects, or with reference to same type of quota and related rules.

In short, checking a visa on spot seems easy, but it's actually not easy. The whole control process is a game process between Party A and Party B. Draw up an objective and realistic act of signing for other liability events. ensure existing interests of construction contractor, and at same time not infringe on interests of owners of investment and construction project.