April 09, 2023

Talking about HDD NVR (2)

In previous issue, we had a brief introduction to DVRs. In this issue, we will continue to understand basic parameters of dash cams to help us select and purchase right products.

Select basic parameters of DVR
  • Video Access Channels: Specifies maximum number of access channels to your NVR.
  • Network Bandwidth: Determines smoothness of video preview.
  • Video output. This determines clarity of your preview video. Note. If your display resolution is relatively low and your VCR's output resolution is high, you will see a black screen on your display.
  • Video Encoding Format: This is related to storage time of your hard drive. For example, H.265 encoding requires 20 GB for one day of video recording, while H.264 encoding requires 40 GB, doubling capacity!
  • Hard Drive Management: This determines how many hard drives you can install, whether you can expand or array, and also note maximum capacity of hard drives that can be installed per drive.
  • Network interface: has one network port and two network ports. Single network port: connected to external network, usually through this interface for remote viewing Dual network ports: one is an internal network port, mainly for IP distribution for camera.
  • One of them is external network port, which is basically connected to external network.

  • POE Network Port: Provides power and data to front camera that supports POE function. If front camera supports POE and DVR does not support POE power, it is used with a POE switch.
  • Alarm interface: This type of DVR can be selected when there is a special need for warning prompts. This function can be used to sound an alarm with a siren and other alarms to remind personnel to pay attention to danger and solve problems, such as only possible.
  • Talking about HDD NVR (2)

    One network port 16ch POE NVR

    After reading this article, do you know how to choose right VCR for you? The next episode will start explaining contents of the camera, if you have any questions, please leave a message for communication