April 08, 2023

Webcam appearance

Today we will evaluate appearance of various cameras, and tomorrow we will talk about some details and scenarios for using these cameras separately!

If you classify by appearance of camera, then basically these are photos shown below.

  • Hemisphere
  • Webcam appearance


  • Trigger
  • Webcam appearance


  • Ball machine
  • Webcam appearance

    Ball car

  • Fisheye
  • Webcam appearance

    Fisheye Panorama

  • Binoculars
  • Webcam appearance

    Binocular Passenger Flow

  • Card
  • Webcam appearance

    Card machine

    After looking at these pictures, do you all remember what they look like? These are basically family camera photos. Of course, different manufacturers and different models have different looks, but they are basically same! Follow me and don't get lost, Xiaobai Dahao will show you more security monitoring knowledge