April 08, 2023

First insight into security monitoring

Monitoring is now not uncommon in our daily life, but what is composition and structure of monitoring, let's figure it out!

  1. NVR: The main function of NVR is to decode a certain number of images and store monitoring images on monitoring hard disk.
  2. Hard Disk Monitoring: To store monitoring screen, monitoring hard disk must be running 24 hours a day.
  3. Webcam: Record videos and sounds (requires camera support)
  4. Network Switch: The image data from camera is connected to hard disk recorder through network switch, and we can view live image or save it to hard disk.
  5. Display: See image captured by camera.
  6. Network cable: data link for data transmission.
Simple topology map First insight into security monitoring

Monitoring topology map

If you want to learn more about monitoring, follow me! A detailed explanation of one device will be expanded later!