April 08, 2023

How to choose a home camera?


  1. Why do we install cameras?
  2. What effect are we trying to achieve?
  3. What is our budget?
Analysis required

According to above requirements, let's analyze first paragraph first. What is purpose of our monitoring? We install to monitor safety of property at home? Is old man at home? Looking after children (animals) at home? Our favorite car? These are our common real needs.

Ok, our specific needs are clear, so let's refine it, and we'll refine it with following aspects:

  1. Camera resolution: 100W (720P)/200W (1080P preferred)/400W (2K)
  2. Camera night vision function: infrared/full color.
  3. Camera viewing angle: fixed direction or pan/tilt (rotate)
  4. Camera power supply method: independent power supply (generally used) or PoE power supply.
  5. Does camera support wireless connection (preferred)
  6. Whether camera supports two-way communication.
  7. Does camera support motion detection, sound and light alarm.
  8. Camera storage method
Preliminary plan
  1. Home Surveillance: Choose a 200W fixed direction wireless camera that supports motion detection, sound and light alarm.
  2. Monitor elderly at home: choose a 200W wireless PTZ camera with two-way intercom support.
  3. Watch your kids at home: choose a 200W wireless PTZ camera that supports two-way communication, sound and light alarm.
  4. Control our vehicle: choose a 200W fixed direction camera (gun camera) supporting motion detection, sound and light alarm.
final decision

After preliminary plan came out, we came to final decision! Deciding which one to buy or want to buy depends on our wallets. We must choose a camera model according to our budget. In general market, we can buy a camera we like for about 100-300 yuan. If demand increases, budget will be relatively high. Of course, local tyrants are free to buy expensive ones!

There are many brands of cameras on market. Xiaobai recommends Hikvision and Dahua as first choice. If budget is really not enough, consider other brands.

After reading this article, do you know how to buy right camera? If you have any questions, you can also leave a message to get in touch! Follow me and don't get lost, Xiaobai Dahao will show you more security monitoring knowledge