April 07, 2023

Learn how to set up a monitoring solution (1)

At first we talked about some basic knowledge about monitoring, but today we'll move on to real haberdashery! Directly model project for implementation, let's go!

Requirements for project are as follows:

The boss demanded that 100 square meter store be monitored without viewing angles, with clear photos and video storage for one month.

Specification of requirements:

  1. 100 square meters area >>> see drawing (assuming it is open and free of obstructions) >>> open area
  2. No dead corners>>>Shooting from position

>>>Combine 1 and 2 to get 4

  • Picture is clear>>>Pixel selection 400W, encoding type H.265, POE supported
  • One month storage>>>Required storage>>>About 4920 GB (4.8 TB)>>>Select a 6 TB hard drive for monitoring
  • Define a list of plans (we will take Haykan as an example):

    Camera: T12H-IA*4>>>Choose a beautiful hidden hemisphere.

    DVR: DS-7104N-F1/4P(B)*1>>>POE option, cost effective, supports EZVIZ remote monitoring in cloud.

    Hard disk: WD62PURX*1 pcs>>Select monitoring control disk, 7*24 hours have relatively high hard disk requirements, usually choose purple disk

    Wire material: DS-1LN5E *multiple (depending on site)>>>National standard oxygen-free copper super five types to ensure stable transmission of monitoring images

    This is a reference case and details are yet to be clarified according to Party A's father's budget.

    After reading this material, do you know how to make a plan? If you have any questions, you can also leave a message to get in touch! Follow me and don't get lost, Xiaobai Dahao will show you more security monitoring knowledge