April 06, 2023

Introduction to complex wiring security monitoring skills

An engineering company provided a summary of integrated wiring. This is a really easy to understand project. It used two methods: traditional wiring method and recommended computer network. Yateer Xiaobian will introduce you to integrated wiring calculation and method 1. Site personnel must communicate well Integrated wiring system must be designed in advance, considering civil engineering, fire protection, air conditioning, lighting and other installation projects must cooperate with each other to avoid unnecessary construction conflicts. Second, patch cord shouldn't be too long There are many servers in your rack, each about a foot long. Don't run three feet of patch cords on these servers - it looks terrible and is very inefficient. If lengths between servers are odd, use pairing (and testing) methods to get patch cords that pair well with each other. Excessive length can cause cable tangles, kinks, and clutter. Third, don't skip test After you've laid wires, test them. Don't take so-called "star tests" (tests that barely pass). If it doesn't pass test 100 percent, you need to try again. If, after some testing on connector, cable still doesn't work, discard it. Make sure you use a quality assurance tool (and know exactly how to use it). Such a simple step avoids additional rework in end. Fourth, you must have your own weak electric well When conditions permit, weak electric well should use its own weak electric well to reduce possibility of electromagnetic interference. as much as possible to prepare for development and maintenance needs. For a network, laying physical layer is very important because it is backbone 5. Choose different cables for unused buildings With rapid development of network equipment, choice should be as wide as possible, using category 5 or higher horizontally to enable data and voice exchange, and using optical fiber to increase vertical logarithmic cables For some buildings with a large number of data points, fiber optics should be used Back up instead of using cables Sixth, brand control brand of wire products. Modules and other network equipment have reached industry standard in terms of performance and have great price advantages, so we may consider using our own products. Seven, don't skimp on plug Don't pTry to save money just because it's cheap and don't rush to cut cable. If twisting cable broke connection, you need to do it all over again, you need to practice. You may think that you have saved time and money. But in end, it turns out a lot of headaches, because you need to work out all joints. The above are integrated connectivity skills and common problems submitted by Weak Current Engineering Company. Built-in wiring is not a difficult project to understand, knowing its principle, you can make a high-quality and inexpensive system. This article can help everyone.