April 06, 2023

126 essential knowledge about installing and operating monitoring products

1. What is initial password for Hikvision DVR?

The username and password for Hikvision series network devices are same.

Username: adminPassword: 12345

2. What is initial password for Dahua DVR?

Username: admin Password: admin

Username: 888888 Password: 888888

Username: 666666 Password: 666666

3. How to change default Hikvision password?

Main Menu - System Configuration - User Configuration - Change Password

4. How is an IP camera considered storage space?

Number of cameras*image bitrate*storage time/8

5. How to connect a network alarm camera?

A camera that supports alarm input is required, and there is "Alarm Input" on back of camera.

6. How to enable webcam sound?

Requires a camera that supports audio, and back of camera has words "A in" or "Audio in"

7. How to add a Hikvision DVR?

1. Automatic addition, NVR automatically scan, all online cameras can be displayed, select "Add All" 2. Manual addition, select corresponding channel, click "Edit" to enter relevant camera information, "OK"

8. How to change Hikvision IP cameras?

1. Open camera control interface on computer browser, find network setting, and enter address you want to change; 2. After searching for camera in NVR, click "Edit" to enter modified address. .

9. How to change address code of ball machine?

In general, speed domes do not need to change address code. There are two ways to change address code of analog dome machine: 1. Hard switch change. There is a corresponding dial switch on movement of dome machine, which is usually binary. Switch switch and set it to desired address. 2. Software modification, through preset position, call menu of dome machine, it is possible to change address code, just enter and change.

10. How to change baud rate of dome camera?

Same as when changing address code

11. How far can a POE switch transmit?

Theoretically, power supply range of POE is not less than signal transmission range over same network cable

12. How to calculate power of a centralized DC source?

Regular cameras are powered by DC12V1A. For cameras with infrared fill light, a certain amount of current redundancy must be made. Select DC12V2A power supply to prevent camera from being underpowered when switching to infrared mode.

13. What distance can SYV75-3 video cable transmit?

Theoretically, SYV75-3 video cable can transmit up to 300 meters, but in real projects, few people do it, use 75-3 within 100 meters

14. What racecan SYV75-5 video cable transmit?

Theoretically, SYV75-5 video cable can transmit up to 500 meters, but in real projects, few people do it, use 75-5 within 200 meters

15. The HDD DVR formats HDD very slowly, what is reason?

There must be a problem with hard drive, you can try replacing hard drive

16. Why is network camera disabled?

1. The power supply is unstable. 2. The network connection is bad and head of network cable is poorly made.

17. The network camera freezes a lot, what is reason?

The video stream of camera is too large, and bandwidth of switch and NVR is not enough

18. How to install decoder on wall?

Enter address of decoder through computer browser, enter management interface of decoder to be set, or set it with IVMS4200 client software.

19. How to determine millimeter of a lens?

In general, divide distance required for subject by 2 and then divide by 1000 to get number of millimeters of lens, and then adjust number of millimeters accordingly according to required shooting angle.

20. Where is focus of camera adjusted?

There are "FOCUS" and "ZOOM" labels on side or back of camera, which can be adjusted with a screwdriver

21. How to update DVR software?

Main Menu - System Maintenance - Version Upgrade - Select upgrade package provided by Haikang

22. How to change IP address of a Hikvision camera on a dash cam?

After scanning camera on NVR, select camera - edit - change IP address

23. How to choose a disk array?

Firstly, calculate storage capacity needed for all front camera images, divide it by capacity of one hard drive to get number of drives, add number of management drives needed for RAID and number of hot drives. spare disks and get number of disks in array.

24. How to set IP address of DVR?

Main Menu - System Configuration - Network Configuration - Basic Configuration - Enter IPV4 Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway.

25. How is network dome machine controlled?

NVR, client computer and network keyboard can control Network Ball machine.

What is 26,485?

Communication interface 485 is a hardware description of a communication interface, it only needs two communication lines, meaning it can transfer data between two or more devices. This data connection is a half-duplex communication method. The device can only send data or receive data. 485, used for security monitoring, usually refers to PTZ control interface. After setting protocol and speed between control device and controlled device, a control operation can be performed.

27. How to connect 485 line of DVR to dome camera?

485 VCR interface has TX+ and TX-, just connect "+" and "-" of 485 ball machine respectively.

28. How to format hard drive through DVR?

Main menu - hard disk management - checking hard disk that needs to be formatted - initialization

29. What is wide dynamic range?

Wide dynamic shooting technology is a technology that allows camera to see characteristics of an image when optical fiber contrast is very strong. When image contains both areas of high brightness photographed by bright light sources (sunlight, lamps or reflections, etc.) and areas of relatively low brightness such as shadows and backlight, image output by camera will be bright. areas due to overexposure. The dark area becomes black due to underexposure, which seriously affects image quality. Camera performance in brightest and darkest areas in same scene is limited. This limitation is commonly referred to as "dynamic range"

30. What is an optical transceiver?

Equipment for photoelectric conversion of images from analog cameras

31. What is a fiber optic transceiver?

Equipment for photoelectric conversion of network system signals.

32. How to adjust optical fiber according to actual situation?

Select fiber type and number of fibers according to total number of fibers and transmission mode required by system's optical transmission equipment. Determine number of fibers according to required transmission distance.

33. How far should fiber optic transceiver be tuned?

After signal transmission distance of network cable is exceeded (usually 100 meters), you should consider using fiber optic transmission.

34. Can camera disassemble regulator on its own when lens is loose?

Yes, just open camera lid to adjust

35. How to debug DVR remote control?

1.In main menu, enter system settings - network settings - DDNS - enable DDNS checkbox - select appropriate domain name service station in DDNS type - enter username and password registered on this site - OK. 2. Enter router from which DVR accesses Internet, find "Rules" option, add port, Haikang port 80, 8000, and then save it.

36. How to set up a fluorite cloud?

There are 3 steps to set up EZVIZ Cloud: 1. There is a QR code on body of Haikang that supports EZVIZ Cloud. Scan QR code with your mobile phone and EZVIZ APP will open. Download and install APP< /p>

2. After installation, open EZVIZ Cloud Video and register an account with your mobile numbernew phone.number, login;

3. Click "+" in upper right corner to open "Add Device" window and scan QR code on camera. Setup was successful.

37. How to configure port of Hikvision Remote Access Router?

The default Hikvision hardware port is HTTP:80, service port number is 8000

38. Why can't analog DVR find mouse?

1. If it is mouse that comes with Hikvision, first press middle scroll wheel several times continuously. If not, please change USB interface. 2. Change main output port in system settings

39. How much memory to record a 3 millionth camera in one hour?

Storage space for a 1-hour recording for a 3 millionth camera is about 3 GB. Depending on stream size set by camera, required hard disk space will be different

How much does it cost to record 40.2 million in camera memory for one hour?

Two million cameras take up about 2 GB of disk space to record 1 hour of video, and amount of hard disk space required depends on stream size set by camera.

41. What transmission line is used for analog camera?

As a rule, coaxial cables are used. Characteristics: SYV75-5, SYV75-3. In some special cases, twisted-pair transmitters and multiplexers are also used.

42. What is maximum transmission distance over a network cable?

Theoretically, it can reach 150 meters, but in practice it is limited to 100 meters

43. Under what circumstances should fiber optic transmission be used?

If electrical signal does not match transmission distance, consider fiber optic transmission

44.How to choose a switcher, how to set up a DVR and a switcher?

Total number of cameras * codestream of cameras = required switch bandwidth. Switch bandwidth = nominal bandwidth * utilization factor, usually calculated as 50%.

45. How switch calculates power

The power of circuit breaker is indicated on nameplate of device, you do not need to calculate it

46. How to select number of hard drives by recording time

First, calculate storage capacity needed for all front camera images, divide by capacity of one hard drive to get number of drives.

47. When 3 million are connected to a nominal 16-channel 2 million DVR, is it necessary to halve number of access channels?

NVR access channels = total NVR bandwidth ÷ camera code stream, larger code stream, fewer access channels, and theoretical code stream of a 3MP camera is 1/3 more than that of a 2M camera< /p>

48. How to choose an all-in-one platformfor car and decoder?

The all-in-one platform is a device that integrates decoding, control, splicing and other functions in one device. A decoder is simply decoding and wall uploading (gluing, screen splitting), which can be selected according to functional requirements of users.

49. How many people can have Hikvision remote access at same time?

Up to 10 people allowed at same time

50. What is role of a streaming media server?

When a large number of clients or surveillance webcams access network, ordinary DVRs cannot handle too much network load. At this time, streaming media server is required to pass client's access pressure to server.

51. Do I still need a DVR when using a disk array?

The storage function of disk array where data is stored must be managed by storage server. Generally speaking, if there is a disk array, then DVR is not needed?

52. What is difference between an all-in-one machine and a mechanism?

The mechanism is a universal machine without a body, and universal machine can work independently, but mechanism cannot work independently. For normal operation, it must be connected to ball.

53. What is difference between LED and matrix lamps?

These two lights are essentially same, but dot matrix lights are more powerful and last longer than conventional LED lights.

54.How to solve problem that camera is not recognized when connected to DVR?

1. Problems with physical connection to network 2. The IP addresses of cameras and DVRs are not in same network segment, or ports, usernames and passwords are incorrect.

55. The difference between a dome camera and a universal gimbal device

The dome camera usually has no or very low elevation (up to 20 degrees), while built-in gimbal camera can have an elevation of 90 degrees.

56. Why is mouse not recognized when Hikvision analog DVR is directly connected to CVBS (BNC)?

In system settings, just change main output port.

57. Can Hikvision NVR support 960H encoding?


58. Do all Hikvision DVRs support EZVIZ Cloud?

Currently, all Haikang channel models support EZVIZ Cloud. The project model is not currently supported.

59. What is main difference between Hikvision Analog DVR and HDD NVR?

The picture signal connected to analog VCR is a BNC analog signal, which can be directly viewed and displayed as well as encoded and recorded. The NVR connects to network signal of network camera, which is output andwritten through decoder.

60. Can Hikvision analog DVR support Hikvision external keyboard?

Hikvision analog DVR cannot be directly connected to a keyboard

61. Does Hikvision IP camera support POE? How to distinguish?

Camera models with a "D" after number are DC powered, do not support POE, and do not have a "D"

, POE power support

62. How to distinguish between NVRs with or without CVBS (BNC) output?

The hardware interface on back of host has CVBSOUT, indicating that it supports BNC output

63. Sometimes network camera cannot switch between day and night, what is reason?

The camera cannot be switched to black and white mode. Typically, light intensity is not low enough to switch from black and white to color.

64. How to calculate number of hybrid DVRs connected to network and simulation?

There is no need to calculate number of connected analog cameras, and number of BNC input interfaces on DVR is upper limit. For network cameras, according to pixel height of camera multiplied by number of cameras, it must be less than network access bandwidth of NVR. One channel of analog signal can be disabled, and one channel of network signal can be disabled. be added.

65. What does it mean when NVR status indicates insufficient resources?

The IPC pixel rate exceeds upper limit of camera's decoding bandwidth, and camera's bit rate can be reduced accordingly.

66. What if IPC is offline after being added?

1. IPC IP address setting is not in same network segment as NVR address

2. The network connection is not smooth, check if all 8 strands of network cable have been tested.

67. What to do if there is no sound in local preview?

1. First check that audio cable and cartridge power cable are connected correctly

2. Is preview interface sound switch enabled

68. How to choose a camera lens millimeter?

As a rule of thumb, divide required field distance by 2 and then divide by 1000 to get approximate millimeters of required lens, and then adjust millimeters accordingly according to required shooting angle. The larger shooting angle, larger lens is smaller.

69. IE can use domain name to access device, but client can't?


70. Why does screen turn black when previewing images using mobile client?

1. The server device is not connected to network. 2. The device added by client is incorrect, and IP address, port, username and password are incorrect

71. What is source of moiré interference in an elevator image and how does it form an interference loop?

1. The accompanying elevator cable has poor contact. 2. When elevator is in operation, there is strong electrical noise in elevator shaft

72. What is difference between four 6701HW encoders and one 6704HW encoder?

6701HW is suitable for an installation environment where cameras are scattered, while 6704HW is suitable for an environment where cameras are relatively concentrated.

73. How to connect centralized power supply of camera?

The so-called centralized power supply means that power for all external equipment is uniformly supplied from central control room. There are two cases: 1. Centrally supply mains power to front, and place camera power adapter on side of camera. When wiring in this case, power line must be separated from video signal line, and power line must be protected by JDG pipes 2. Centralized power supply The DC power required for camera is routed to front end, while camera's power adapter is placed in control room at rear end. In this case, when wiring, power line and video line can share same line. If requirements are not strict, PVC pipes can be used. At same time, pay attention to relationship between DC transmission distance and wire diameter: farther transmission, larger required wire diameter.

74. Installing a simulated lens on a network camera can also display an image, how to explain?

The analog lens can be used on network camera, but resolution will be reduced. If image quality is poor, it can be used.

75. In boiler room of a steel mill, room temperature generally fluctuates between 80-150 degrees, and sometimes can reach almost 200 degrees. Can this problem be solved with Hikvision explosion-proof equipment?

Undecided, need to use shield with temperature control function

76. What is function of a matrix?

1. Switch image from any camera to any monitor on TV wall for display. 2. Control front PTZ camera, rotate, zoom, etc.

77. Can a VGA matrix replace a decoder? If not, what are differences?

A VGA sensor cannot replace a decoder. The VGA matrix is ​​only for switching VGA signal to big screen, and does not have a network decoding function. In addition to network decoding function, decoder also has a VGA matrix switching function

78. How to debug a decoder

Enter address of decoder in address bar of computer browser to enter WEB interface for managing decoder, or use IVMS4200 client software to enter debugging in device management options

79. How is Haikang server different from other servers?

Hardware configuration nnot much different from other brands of servers on market, and software compatibility is better

80. How to set up automatic video recording 7x24 hours?

Click Main Menu - Recording Configuration - Editing - All Day Recording - Copy - Select All Weeks - OK - OK - Copy - Select All Channels » - OK, exit

81. Hikvision DVR won't turn on?

1. Check if power cord is connected. 2. Whether switch on host power supply is turned on. 3. Hard disk failure.

82. Hikvision DVR can't record?

1. The recording time and recording type are not set in recording plan 2. The hard disk is not set as a read/write disk in system settings 3. The hard disk is not set to auto overwrite 4. The hard disk is defective

83.Is there a difference in video recording time of Hikvision DVR?

1. The system time is set incorrectly. 2. Too much camera code flow and image time is delayed.

84. Hikvision DVR can't play?

1. Check recording time and recording type in recording plan 2. Hard disk failure

85. Hikvision dash cam not recognizing hard drive?

1. Hard disk failure 2. In Disk Management, check "Continue use if disk evaluation fails" in SMART configuration

86. Haikang VCR beeps when turned on

1. Hard disk error 2. Network disconnection, image loss 3. IP address conflict

87. How to realize wireless transmission when there are many partitions?

All wireless devices cannot penetrate multiple walls. In an environment with many partitions, it is not recommended to use wireless transmission

88. Are two million and three million disk space same thing?

Theoretically, 300W requires 50% more storage space than 200W. The pixel code flow in IPC can be customized. In case of limited storage space, 300W and 200W can properly reduce code rate.

Why are 89- and 16-channel NVRs connected to 131.3 million POE hemispheres so special?

1. The bandwidth of switch is insufficient. 2. The camera's video stream setting is too high

90. Why is elevator analog camera connection intact?

The power supply voltage is unstable and there is not enough power when elevator is running

91. If there is a computer in back, do I need a network keyboard? Can't use your computer keyboard to control it?

From a functional point of view, a computer mouse can act as a network keyboard. But working with it is not as convenient as with keyboard. The keyboard on your computer does not replace web keyboard.

92. Is it possible to control net ball using an analog keyboardry?

Unable to control, simulated keyboard does not have a decoding function.

93. How to intelligently choose a decoding device?

Select resolution and number of decoders according to resolution of camera, and select number of decoder output ports according to number of large screens

94. How far can camera see during normal daytime?

Camera shooting distance is affected by lens size, light intensity, and air conditions. The specific shooting distance cannot be generalized.

95. How many cameras can be connected to a mobile phone?

EZVIZ can only open one image at a time, IVMS4500 can open 4 images

96. After camera has audio, is amount of storage needed to record video much more than without audio?

Adding sound to images will take up disk space, but not too much, mostly negligible

97. Can't find IP cameras after updating DVR?

Network connection unavailable

98. The monitor display does not need a monitor. How can I connect it to my desktop computer?

Connect RJ45 interface on DVR to computer with a network cable and access video of VCR through computer client software

99. How to connect Dahua DVR to Hikvision camera?

When adding a device to a channel, protocol can be configured by selecting Onvif

100. How to debug if DVR does not recognize mouse?

If it's mouse that comes with Hikvision, press middle scroll wheel a few times first, if not, use a different USB

101. How to disable infrared light with infrared trigger?

1. Increase light intensity. 2. Disassemble camera and disconnect photoresistor connection (not recommended). 3. In network camera settings, you can turn off infrared light.

102. How to set up motion detection?

Main Menu——Channel Management——Motion Detection——Enable Motion Detection——Set Detection Sensitivity and Detection Range

103. How to hook up a pickup?

Pickups on market usually have three wires: power cable + (mostly red) audio line + (mostly white) G common ground (mostly black), power cord "+" connected to "+" of power, " +" audio. connected to AUDIO IN of camera's audio input, and common ground G is connected to "-" of power supply and G of audio input

104. Is there a requirement for DVR to connect a camera with sound to a sound pickup?

No recorder required

105. If you want to share part of video in a surveillance room to view in another surveillance room, how do you do it?

In an analog system, one signal can be sent to another monitoring room via a video distributor, and allThe host system can be directly connected to network cable, and image for viewing can be opened through client computer

106. Does VCR always make a "diddy" sound after starting?

1. No hard drive or hard drive not formatted 2. Hard drive failure

107. How to connect and pick up a pickup truck that imitates a car?

Analog system sensor must be connected to DVR (requires DVR support)

108. Under what circumstances is coaxial transmission used?

Most of them are used when old system is being transformed, customer has high definition digital video requirements, and video cable cannot be replaced with a network cable in field

109. Why can't NVR search for external equipment?

1. Network cable is not connected 2. Power supply problem for external equipment

110. Is camera that takes license plate correct? Autosave photos?

The camera of license plate capture device can be a regular camera, and recognition function is implemented on backend host, photos are also saved on host

111. Shooting with a lens. Is lens usually infrared?

Single frame lens has no infrared emission

112. What happened to stream?

Images collected by camera are processed by encoding equipment to form a network signal that can be transmitted over network and consume a certain amount of network bandwidth

113. What is sub-stream and main stream?

The main stream is used for local recording and sub stream is used for web preview. Dual-threaded design prevents remote image from freezing

114. Are there any brand requirements and restrictions for decoder to work with NVR?

It is best to have same brand of decoder and NVR. Devices from different brands can also be used together as long as they support ONVIF protocol

115. Under what circumstances are disk arrays often used?

For large capacity storage, when NVR's local disk can't meet storage requirement, you can consider using a storage array

116. How to implement remote storage?

As long as network bandwidth can meet needs of image transmission, remote monitoring client or centralized management platform software has storage management functions, and a sufficient number of hard disks can be realized

117. At how many meters can network keyboard control ball camera?

As long as network cable signal can reach a distance, you can use network keyboard

118. How to choose equipment that illuminates electronic screen?

All cameras with dynamic bandwidth function can be used

119. In order to save hard drive, what is effect of lowering frame rate of camera?

In general, it is not recommended to reduce frame rate to save hard disk space. Lowering frame rate will result in frame drops when playing video, and video evidence gathering will be lost at critical moments

120. When playing VCRs synchronously, how many channels should be displayed maximum?

Each type of VCR has different channels for simultaneous video playback. This should be determined according to real needs of user. When you need to see panorama, you can open more playback windows accordingly. When you need to zoom in to see a close-up, you can open smaller.

121. What should I pay attention to when choosing elevator monitoring equipment?

Compact appearance, wide angle lens

122. The elevator hemisphere photoresistor is very sensitive, how to adjust it to a constant color?

1. Increase brightness of light in elevator 2. Cut off connection line of photoresistor in camera (not recommended)

Difference between 123, BNC, VGA and HDMI

BNC is an analog interface. VGA is a standard definition digital interface. HDMI is a high definition digital interface.

124. When will encoder be used? NVS encoder?

English encoder name: NETVIDEO SERVER (network video server) is also called video encoder, and its function is to encode analog camera video signal into network signal. When an analog camera's video signal needs to be connected to a network system, an encoder is required

125. Does elevator use an encoder? What are pros and cons?

The encoder is used in elevator because accompanying cable in elevator is only a coaxial cable and there is no network cable. When more economical and practical elevator network cables are popularized in market, it is recommended to consider using a network camera. The encoder's maximum resolution is WD1, which is not as high as network camera pixels.

126. What is relationship between CCTV cameras and video capture cards?

The signal collected by video capture card is transmitted by frontal analog camera. Once collected and encoded with a capture card, digital set is transmitted to a computer, which is displayed and stored in real time. For reasons of stability and cost, capture cards are currently used on the market. There aren't many of them.