April 05, 2023

The difference between PC, UPC and APC

Usually, when describing type of fiber optic jumper, in addition to knowing whether it is FC type or SC type, you also need to know method of grinding end face of fiber optic connector, which can generally be divided into PC, UPC, and APC.

The difference between PC, UPC and APC


PC is physical contact, physical contact. PC is micro-spherical grinding and polishing, ferrule surface is ground to a slightly spherical surface, and fiber core is located at highest bending point, which can effectively reduce air gap between fiber components and make two ends of fiber reach physical contact.


UPC (super physical contact), ultra physical contact. The end of UPC connector is not completely flat, there is a slight curvature to achieve a more accurate fit. Based on polycarbonate, UPC has optimized butt polish and surface finish, and butt looks more domed.


APC (Angled Physical Contact) is referred to as Inclined Plane Physical Contact, and end face of fiber is usually ground into an 8° inclined plane. The 8° bevel makes end of fiber more compact and reflects light at angle of bevel to cladding instead of returning directly to light source, resulting in a better connection.