April 04, 2023

General Intelligence Technologies and Security Applications

This program consists of a dedicated safety car, a campus safety car, and a broadcast loudspeaker. By equipping school security personnel with special security cars and installing campus security cars and loudspeakers in police station's duty room, a campus security network is being built.

When a school encounters illegal personnel or emergencies, school security personnel only need to use a special security car around them to set off a remote automatic alarm. The system will automatically dial "campus safety car" of police station, or send a distress message to security car, which can remotely activate police station's loudspeaker to sound an alarm, and at same time start loudspeaker to broadcast help information.

School party

The school security is equipped with a special safety car, which is equipped with two function keys, namely: SMS function, directional voice alarm, normal voice call and alarm 110.

> SMS Alert: The school security staff can send an alarm SMS message to specified alarm number of police station in jurisdiction by clicking this button, and realize voice synthesis of SMS and voice broadcast.

> Directed Voice Alarm: School security personnel can press this button to dial alarm number of designated police station in jurisdiction for voice broadcast. The voice announcement is a semi-through directional type, that is, police station can hear local alarm from school side, but sound from police station is not heard from school side.

>Normal voice call: School security personnel can directly dial assigned alarm number of police station in jurisdiction by pressing this button, and then have a normal voice conversation with public security personnel to activate alarm.