April 03, 2023

What are benefits of smart security over traditional security?

With advent of smart home era, more and more smart products are entering our lives. Intellectualization of whole house is no longer plot of TV and cinema. Many friends in my environment have begun to use smart homes, especially since May Day is coming again. If there is no one in house, going on a trip, I am a little worried. Home security is a topic that worries us a lot. What if you are traveling on May Day and no one is watching house? Let intelligence help you. Today, Liangjia Smart will introduce you to smart home security system, how can it help us? Can you let us travel with confidence?

What are benefits of smart security over traditional security?

Concept of a solution for mobile video surveillance with a smartphone

1. Smart door lock, lock security

Door locks are first line of defense for a home. What advantages can smart door locks offer over traditional door locks? Can value of improvement be greater than price increase? Compared with traditional door locks, smart door locks have a significant improvement in security. Traditional door locks can be opened in a few minutes slowly and quickly in a few seconds in front of a person who can open, while smart door locks are anti-theft and burglar protection much better than traditional door locks, even if a professional burglar wants to open it, it will take at least half an hour.

In terms of ease of use, smart door lock unlocking methods are more diverse. Traditional door locks must remember to bring key every day. Later, some door locks use card unlocking method, but in general, in other words, you still need to remember to take it with you. For modern people, what we have to carry with us every day is not just a mobile phone. Unlocking it with a mobile phone is fine, but using a mobile phone is also problematic. Wouldn't it be better to open it directly? by fingerprint? Modern smart door locks can satisfy all your fantasies, and simpler unlocking method, better.

2. Intelligent cloud camera, real-time monitoring

Smart cloud camera is home security "clairvoyance", 24/7 real-time monitoring, remote viewing on mobile phones, wherever you are, you can monitor situation at home in real time. Compared with traditional surveillance, smart cameras have great advantages in terms of flexibility, security and intelligence. Users can check situation at home with their mobile phone at any time and know situation at home well. The motion detection function can also send an alarm message to mobile phone when someone illegally enters detection area, and functions of anytime video playback and two-way time-sharing voice communication are extremely important.

Third, intelligent communication, it should be safer indoors

When we are away from home, we are afraid that something will happen at home. We worry about water leakage, air leakage and fire. How can we eliminate these situations first time? With intelligent monitoring equipment, dangerous situation is monitored, and user can be notified of existing situation at first time, and can be linked with other devices to control dangerous situation. Taking gas detection equipment as an example, when a gas leak occurs, gas leak detectsgas, and then links exhaust fan and valve controller to automatically turn off gas, and then sends a message informing user, and user again confirms that the danger has been eliminated.