March 30, 2023

What are benefits of intelligent security

Given security needs of smart home and smart community, people pay more and more attention to security of home and property, so more and more families choose to install smart home security equipment to ensure home security. Intelligent security consists of front equipment, transmission network and monitoring center. The front end covers several subsystems such as video surveillance, parking management, intrusion alarm and access control card. It can not only protect safety of family, but also maintain safety of community. So what are benefits of smart security? Let's take everyone to find out.

What are benefits of intelligent security

1. Comprehensive system integration

An intelligent integrated security management platform enables seamless integration of multiple security subsystems. Based on database's internal communication and sharing mechanism, it realizes unified user configuration and management, and uniformly assigns global permissions, which greatly improves level of management.

2. Efficient Application Linking

Through communication control of intelligent end-to-end security management platform, various alarm events are preset according to attributes of alarm input. The ability of institutions to respond quickly to potential security threats and issues on ground.

3. Flexible modular design

The intelligent integrated security management platform is designed based on SOA model, and system function system is modular and combined, and service-oriented development method makes system available on demand. According to scope of project and application scenarios, platform can be configured for scalability, and design of platform takes into account extensibility of each service, especially core services such as central services, device access, stream distribution, and stream storage. Scalable cluster expansion, flexible support for large, medium and small enterprises.

What are benefits of intelligent security

4. Fine-grained permission settings

The intelligent integrated security management system sets user permissions according to management function permissions, device resource permissions, and center management permissions. User management permission levels can be set, and user permissions for operations can be refined for specific features of each device. element so that people with different roles and positions can use same system within a limited scope of authority.

5. Optimized management of people, vehicles and facilities

The intelligent integrated security management system introduces advanced concepts, systems and management methods into management process through license plate recognition, and optimizes visiting process to innovate management and improve overall level of enterprise management. Building an intelligent integrated security management platform can also provide enterprises and institutions with various support tools to reduce operation and management costs, such as remote video network, regional population statistics, vehicle monitoring and GIS positioning support management, etc.

What are benefits of intelligent security

Here are benefits of smart security. If you need to know more about smart security, you can leave a message to contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.