March 21, 2023

what's the best security camera system to buy

As crime rates continue to rise, many homeowners and businesses are investing in security camera systems to protect their properties. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose best system for your needs. In this article, we will discuss factors to consider when purchasing a security camera system and recommend some of top systems on market.

Factors to Consider

what's the best security camera system to buy

1. Purpose: Before purchasing a security camera system, you need to identify your purpose. Do you want to monitor interior or exterior of your property? Are you looking for a system that can also record audio? Do you need a system that can be accessed remotely? Answering these questions will help you narrow down your options.

2. Quality and Resolution: Higher quality cameras offer better resolution, which means clearer images and videos. If you need to identify suspects or monitor activity in detail, you should consider a system that offers at least 1080p resolution.

3. Coverage: The coverage area of your security camera system depends on number of cameras and their placement. If you have a large property, you may need multiple cameras to cover all angles.

4. Storage: Security camera systems often come with either cloud storage or local storage options. Cloud storage is more convenient, but it can be more expensive. Local storage requires you to have a physical device to store footage.

Top Security Camera Systems

what's the best security camera system to buy

1. Arlo Pro 3: This system is great for outdoor use, with 2K resolution, a 160-degree field of view, and advanced features such as automatic zoom and tracking.

2. Nest Cam IQ: This system offers 1080p resolution, night vision, and facial recognition. It also allows for remote access and has a two-way communication feature.

3. Ring Stick Up Cam: This system is affordable and easy to install. It offers 1080p resolution, night vision, and motion detection. It also has a built-in siren and two-way communication.

4. Lorex Security Camera System: This system offers a range of options, from wired to wireless and indoor to outdoor cameras. It offers 4K resolution and remote access, with cloud and local storage options.

5. Blink XT2: This system is affordable and offers 1080p resolution, night vision, and motion detection. It also has a two-way communication feature and is easy to set up.


Choosing a security camera system can be overwhelming, but it is essential for protecting your property. Consider your purpose, quality and resolution, coverage, and storage when making your decision. The recommended systems above offer a range of features and price points to meet your needs. By investing in a reliable security camera system, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is protected.