March 21, 2023

security camera locations

Security cameras are an essential tool for protection and safety. They have become a mandatory accessory for every business and households. Placing a security camera in a strategic location is imperative to deter theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities. These cameras not only help identify culprits but also provide evidence for their prosecution. In this article, we will discuss ideal locations to place security cameras for maximum safety and protection.

Entrances and Exits

The first and foremost place to install security cameras is entrance and exits of premises. This includes doors, windows, and any other points that can be used to gain access. Having cameras in these locations would help identify any suspicious activity before it becomes a bigger problem. Also, make sure that these cameras can capture clear images even in low light conditions.

Parking Lot

Parking lots are also a critical location to place security cameras. Cars parked outside are often target of theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities. Cameras covering parking lots can capture license plates of cars entering and exiting premises, providing valuable information to law enforcement.


The perimeter of premises is another crucial location to place security cameras. It is essential to secure boundaries of property, including gates, fences, and walls. A camera pointed towards perimeter can capture any unauthorized entry, helping in identifying perpetrators.

High-Risk Areas

High-risk areas such as storage rooms, warehouses, and other sensitive locations should have security cameras installed. These areas are more susceptible to theft and vandalism, and a security camera would help to deter such activities. Make sure to place these cameras above eye level for maximum coverage.

Cash Register

In a business that involves cash transactions, it is essential to have security cameras facing cash register. The camera should cover register itself and be positioned in a way that captures face of cashier and customer. It is also recommended to have a backup camera in case primary one malfunctions.

Hallways and Stairwells

Hallways and stairwells are often ignored when placing security cameras, but they are important locations for surveillance. In an emergency situation such as a fire or break-in, hallways and stairwells become escape route for occupants. Having a camera in these areas can help to identify any suspicious activity and ensure safety of everyone in building.


In conclusion, placing security cameras in right location is essential for maximum security and protection. Keeping in mind locations mentioned above will ensure that your premises are adequately covered and monitored. It is also essential to ensure that cameras are pointing in right direction and capturing clear images. With right placement and maintenance, security cameras can be an effective tool in deterring crime and ensuring safety of your premises.

security camera locations