March 21, 2023

how much are video door bells

Video doorbells have emerged as one of most popular smart home devices in recent times. They provide homeowners with extra security by allowing you to monitor and record activity at your front door. They are also an essential tool for preventing package theft, home invasion, and providing general convenience. But how much do video doorbells cost?

Price range

Video doorbells are available in a wide price range, depending on brand and features. You can get a basic doorbell for as little as $30, while high-end models can cost as much as $500. Most video doorbells, however, fall between $100 to $250.

how much are video door bells

The affordable option

Low-priced options can provide you with basic features such as motion detection, video recording, and two-way audio. However, they might not have advanced features of higher-priced models, such as facial recognition, 24/7 recording, and detailed analytics.

Brand and compatibility

The price of video doorbells can also vary by brand, with more notable brands often costing more than lesser-known brands. It is also essential to consider compatibility of doorbell with your existing smart home setup, as many doorbells are designed to work with specific systems. The cost of a compatible hub and other accessories should also be considered when calculating total cost.

Installation cost

Installation is another factor that affects cost of a video doorbell. Some homeowners might be comfortable installing a doorbell themselves, while others might prefer to hire professionals. Hiring an electrician or handyman to install doorbell can add $50 to $150 to total cost.

Subscription fees

Many video doorbells require a subscription for cloud storage and advanced features such as facial recognition or custom activity zones. Subscription fees can range from $3 to $10 per month, with some companies offering annual subscriptions for a reduced rate.


When considering purchase of a video doorbell, price should not be only determining factor. Features, compatibility, installation cost, and subscription fees should all be considered when calculating true cost of device. Overall, video doorbells provide a worthwhile investment in your home's security and convenience. The benefits of knowing who is at your front door and being able to communicate with them without opening door outweigh cost of device. In end, buying a video doorbell can be an essential step in assuring safety and security of your home and family.