October 19, 2023

A new model of e-commerce in field of intelligent construction

Source: Weak Current Intelligent Network, source must be specified.

A new model of e-commerce in field of intelligent construction

The market size of China's smart building industry, which is now weak, reached 480 billion yuan in 2015, and in future, China's smart building industry will grow at a rate of 30%. While industry is growing rapidly, our company's growth rate is indeed relatively lagging behind.

According to statistics, in past 2015, sales growth rate of weak current smart enterprises did not exceed 5%, which is very small compared to industry's 30% growth. According to national "Internet +" strategic framework, pace of "Internet +" for weak smart enterprises is too slow, resulting in current Internet e-commerce model for entire industry is at entry level compared to other industries. Thus, Internet's big pie has not been well distributed, not to mention competition situation.

Industry Vendors are industry product vendors and industry leaders in e-commerce. At present, some enterprises have opened stores on Taobao, Tmall, JD.com, Global Weak Power Grid, etc., doing e-commerce. Through communication between author and COO of Global Weak Power Grid, I learned that although many companies have opened stores, they still lack an e-commerce operating model. Many suppliers imitate mode of operation of FMCG industry, but with investment of money, effect is not obvious. Gradually, they began to lack confidence in e-commerce, and they even abandoned online marketing entirely, returning to traditional door-to-door model.

The intellectual industry has characteristics of an industry. While walking path of e-commerce, we must carefully consider and understand characteristics of industry. If a company wants to significantly improve its sales performance, first thing to know is that products in a weakly current industry are in bulk product transaction industry, which is very different from shoes and hats. Product vendors should mainly face design lot A purchases and integrator purchases rather than disparate Taobao and JD.com customers.

The current B2B compliance model in steel industry is a model that can fully adapt to our weak current industry. The global weak grid has used this model to achieve transactional goals for many smart product vendors. The transactions of wholesale products must be matched, otherwise it is difficult to create a large transaction amount. At same time, suppliers should also study and explore this new B2B e-commerce compliance transaction mode. Don't blindly promote products with promotion channels and resources that don't match characteristics of our industry, but effect will not be good.

Following a detailed conversation with Global Director of Weak Grid Operations, author learned that partnering modelers is a way to get best price for buyer to buy products and achieve high quality for supplier, while ensuring security of transaction between supplier and buyer of a long-term client.

The e-commerce paths of weak modern smart industry should be explored by everyone in industry so that industry can also develop under influence of "Internet +".