October 18, 2023

Qualitative drawing of a home alarm circuit

This article is for anyone who wants to install their own burglar alarm and wants to learn how to install burglar alarm system accessories and components.

We will provide 3 installation diagrams below. From first design drawing to third design drawing, structure of anti-theft alarm system becomes more complicated. At same time, we also provide detailed explanations for some of main components of devices.

Qualitative drawing of a home alarm circuit

The above is composition and construction of a simple anti-theft alarm system. In general, a simple system includes: a host (controller), a keypad, a power adapter, a backup battery, a motion sensor, a siren, and a door sensor. These systems can be wireless, wired, or wired and wireless compatible, and all of our examples are wired systems.

The host is usually installed in center of house so that it can be operated at a close distance, and connection between 220V power line and various accessories can also be avoided. The basement and tool room are also places where host is usually installed.

Additional keyboards are usually mounted on kitchen or garage wall for easy access. The main keyboard should be installed in master bedroom, near bed. Motion detectors (eg PIR detectors) mainly detect open areas such as kitchens, hallways, master bedrooms and hallways.

According to statistics, about 55% of burglaries are committed through front and back doors. This simple alarm system provides a medium level of security. However, we see that a simple anti-theft alarm system does not install door sensors, and other windows such as bedrooms, garages, etc. are not protected. We will mention these shortcomings of general anti-theft alarm system below.

Qualitative drawing of a home alarm circuit

The above burglar alarm system is what we call a "normal" home burglar alarm system. This layout adds more door magnetic sensors based on basic anti-theft alarm system, and all doors and windows are equipped with door magnetic sensors. This eliminates shortcomings of basic burglar alarm systems.

The perimeter is first line of defense for an intruder alarm system. About 90% of all break-ins occur through perimeter entrances (doors, windows, skylights, balconies, etc.). The alarm system should primarily protect these perimeter entrances so that an attempted intrusion can be detected and deter thief before they even enter home. Infrared detectors are installed indoors, and only when a thief has already entered premises can he detect them, therefore infrared sensors are usually used as a replacement (or second line of defense) for anti-theft alarm systems.

In addition to being easy to access, main keyboard should provide additional personal security. When installing keyboard in bedroom, general keyboard is equipped with emergency buttons (SOS, fire, medical), and user can easily call police when there is a danger. In addition, general alarm is triggered at midnight, and if there is an alarm (such as a false alarm), it is easy for user to clear alarm (cancel alarm).

Qualitative drawing of a home alarm circuit

The above is an improved solution (extended version) based on general anti-theft alarm system solution:

The roller shutter sensor is set to position A, and this zone is set (programmed) as a non-alarm zone to remind customers of opening and closing status of roller shutter.

Glass breaker (which can be thought of as perimeter theft protection) is installed to detect that thieves can break into a room and steal by breaking glass rather than opening doors and windows.

An additional siren has been installed in place of garage. To attract attention of passers-by or neighbors when alarm goes off.

A redundant wireless communicator has been added (for example, a GSM dialer). When telephone line connected to burglar alarm system breaks (or fails), burglar alarm system can still communicate with outside world.

The extended version mentioned above improves only a small part of overall alarm system, but by no means includes them all. What you find on your system or what you choose to install on your system will vary. The choice of home security alarm system and equipment to set up depends largely on what is being protected and level of protection required.

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