October 18, 2023

Introduce you to High Definition Panoramic Network Surveillance Camera.

Introduce you to High Definition Panoramic Network Surveillance Camera.

Panoramic camera

Panoramic network cameras are popular in security market as new surveillance camera. Compared with traditional surveillance cameras, panoramic cameras can be a better choice for indoor surveillance, especially when 360-degree surveillance without dead ends is needed in surveillance area. If a traditional dome camera or a built-in bolt is used, then a surveillance camera must be installed in each corner of room. One panoramic camera can be used as multiple panoramic cameras, greatly reducing installation and maintenance costs. This is why panoramic camera products are so expensive.

A panoramic camera is not as easy as using a fisheye lens. If it only uses a fisheye lens, then simply change lens, and traditional surveillance camera can be converted into a panoramic camera. Of course, this is not case. A panoramic camera is just taking a panoramic image with a fisheye lens, then processing image with an advanced image processor and outputting an image suitable for human eye. This process is called Dewarp.

The Hikvision DS-2CD63C2F-I(V)(S) 12MP Panoramic Network Camera and Dahua DH-IPC-EBW81200 12MP Panoramic Network Camera are panoramic cameras that use one fisheye lens + technology Dewarp. relatively easy to implement and used by most network surveillance cameras.

Introduce you to High Definition Panoramic Network Surveillance Camera.

Hikvision DS-2CD63C2F-I(V)(S)

In addition, there is also a panoramic camera that uses multi-lens and image blending technology, such as latest Hikvision DS-2DP1636-D panoramic camera that uses latest panoramic stitching technology that can be composed from original images. of eight lenses. It can also display a 360° bowl-shaped panorama through PTZ projection. Users can quickly select any viewing angle with mouse, and can control rotation, zoom in and out of surveillance screen to ensure dead-end-free monitoring. .

Introduce you to High Definition Panoramic Network Surveillance Camera.

Hikvision DS-2DP1636-D

By way, all well-known domestic Hikvision and Dahua products use Ambarella processors with high speed and support for new generation of HEVC/H.265 video encoding processors, such as Ambarella S3, Ambarella S5 and other models. Most of these high-definition network video processors support video dewarping, which is best hardware solution for panoramic cameras.

Panorama is considered a new product in China, but foreign manufacturers such as Arecont Vision have already launched multi-lens panoramic cameras, which are main products of this company, and Axis, a world-class network video brand, has also launched a single-lens panoramic camera.

Where are panoramic cameras suitable for installation? In addition to entrances and exits of rooms we often think of, lobby, reception area and other areas, panoramic camera can also be installed on ceiling of corridor to monitor people walking along corridor. In addition, panoramic cameras are also suitable for installation in relatively open areas such as airport supermarkets, terminal buildings, parking lots, etc.

There are so many advantages to panoramic surveillance cameras. Although only a few manufacturers have released panoramic network cameras, we expect that in a year or two, panoramic surveillance cameras will become as popular as conventional surveillance cameras. So, what factors should be considered when choosing a panoramic surveillance camera?

1. Resolution

For all security cameras, resolution is most important factor. This is most important thing for panoramic cameras. Although images from panoramic cameras can reach ultra-high definition 4K, this does not mean that quality of resulting image is very high. Because full image needs to be corrected, and whether you can get better details after correction depends on maximum resolution supported by panoramic camera. There are currently 1 million, 1.3 million and 2 million pixel panoramic cameras on market. Although price is not expensive, but because total number of pixels is too small and image details cannot be obtained after image correction, we do not recommend that customers use them. Users should choose a panoramic camera with a resolution of more than 4 million pixels.

2. Fisheye lens

It doesn't seem to have anything to do with user. If a single lens is used in a panoramic camera, lens usually uses a 180-degree or 360-degree fisheye lens with a focal length of 1.4-1.8mm. very important role in image of camera. When choosing a lens, choose a mega high resolution lens that matches image sensor. Unlike an image with a conventional lens, image quality at edges of imagewill be reduced when imaging with a fisheye lens. Panoramic multi-lens security camera uses 2.8mm or 3.6mm common lens, so it can guarantee image quality of each image area.

3. Assistive imaging technologies such as wide dynamic range/3D noise reduction

Because panoramic security cameras are often installed on ceiling of enclosed spaces, they must provide high quality images in varying lighting conditions such as backlight or strong light. When choosing a panoramic camera, users should consider whether camera has a dynamic bandwidth function and a 3D digital noise reduction function, so that even under high-contrast and relatively dark lighting conditions, surveillance camera can capture high-quality noise reduction images. free and clear images.

In terms of installation, according to Kevin, product engineer at Schneider Electronics, for best surveillance results and best shooting angle, panoramic camera should be installed on ceiling at a height of at least 3 meters and there should be no obstacles blocking line review. Usually panoramic surveillance cameras are for global surveillance, don't think about using panoramic surveillance cameras to replace PTZ cameras.

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